Hannah’s Hope Scavenger Hunt


It is hard to believe that we are on the cusp of spring. Here on the west coast, winter roses are dotting the landscape, snow drops are popping up everywhere, and the first of the daffodils, harbinge

Hannah’s Hope Scavenger Hunt2023-02-20T08:18:34-08:00

Silent Art Auction at The Duke – Toronto


At our Silent Art Auction we will celebrate the memory of dog walker and artist Malak Tabbara providing the rare opportunity to acquire one of his works. Join us Nov. 19th to bid on his and other’s i

Silent Art Auction at The Duke – Toronto2022-11-13T14:10:50-08:00

Upcoming Fundraising: A Message From Linda Sowerby


It all began 21 years ago with a $1000 donation to honour the memory of Blues - Suzi Beber’s beloved Golden Retriever.  Since then, Smiling Blue Skies has become an important means in supporting “the

Upcoming Fundraising: A Message From Linda Sowerby2022-09-28T18:51:00-07:00

The Agility Connection’s July 29th-31st Event


Thank you SO much to Christine Mandy and The Agility Connection. $1000 was raised at TAC's July 29th to 31st event, dedicated to Smiling Blue Skies. 'This event was held in memory of all our beloved

The Agility Connection’s July 29th-31st Event2022-09-13T13:07:46-07:00

Honey Bees Fundraiser – Ontario


Honey Bees Fundraiser with Deb Brunner - Walker My bees and I have agreed that we will be once again selling the fruits of their labour in support of The Smiling Blue Skies Fund for Innovative Cancer

Honey Bees Fundraiser – Ontario2022-08-08T10:30:29-07:00

The Return of the Great Tennis Ball Challenge


Update from Erin Lynes: Tennis balls round 2 is on NOW! First a little background! 5 years ago, at around this time of year, Chester had his second round of mast cell tumor's removed. This was on the

The Return of the Great Tennis Ball Challenge2022-08-08T10:14:29-07:00

The Western Cup Challenge in Quesnel, BC


Join the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund raffle and fundraiser at the Eromit Labrador Retrievers' biggest event of the year! THE most exciting dock diving event in Western Canada is coming up August 1

The Western Cup Challenge in Quesnel, BC2022-08-08T09:30:23-07:00

19th Annual Walk for Canine Cancer – Calgary


Help us reach our  goal of $20,000! On May 1st, 2022, we will be going back to a LIVE event! We will be walking in memory of our beloved dogs that we have lost to cancer, to raise funds for the Smili

19th Annual Walk for Canine Cancer – Calgary2022-04-07T13:02:08-07:00

With Thanks from Suzi


First, from Bernie Chen, Vancouver General Hospital: "SPECIAL SHUT OUT to the lovely Charmaine Betcher from Simply Natural Raw Pet Food in Kerrisdale (Vancouver, British Columbia) who dropped off the

With Thanks from Suzi2021-10-05T10:20:48-07:00

Celebrating the Portraits of mARTcela


Special thanks to Marcela, who has raised $2000 and counting for The Smiling Blue Skies Fund for Innovative Cancer Research. Custom Portraits are 8 X 10 in size and the price is $100.00. VISIT THEM O

Celebrating the Portraits of mARTcela2021-09-22T15:52:14-07:00

Pet Subscription Boxes


WOW!!! Thank you so much to Barb of "Pet Subscription Boxes" and "mARTcella Custom Portraits" for their support of Smiling Blue Skies!!! They raised $2000 during the month of August!!! Thank you to e

Pet Subscription Boxes2021-09-20T15:04:37-07:00

Honey Anyone?


This is for those living in the Ottawa, Ontario area . . . Deb Brunner-Walker entered into her Bee adventure naively but it’s certainly BEEn a learning experience for her. Here is what Deb had to say

Honey Anyone?2021-09-05T08:44:37-07:00

Kim’s Caps


This is one way that Kim is bringing awareness to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund. For further information, please contact Kim Denomme.

Kim’s Caps2021-09-01T08:53:18-07:00


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