Update from Erin Lynes:

Tennis balls round 2 is on NOW!

First a little background! 5 years ago, at around this time of year, Chester had his second round of mast cell tumor’s removed. This was on the heels of a few friends losing their beloved dogs to cancer and it was such a scary time! We received some great advice from Suzi at Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund and as a result, decided to do a fundraiser during our Western Cup Challenge event. The fundraiser involved numbering some tennis balls and using them like raffle tickets for some prizes we had rounded up- and we tossed all of the balls in to the pool and had dogs draw them out. It was super fun!

The fundraiser has grown quite a bit since then, and we’ve had contributions from so many of our friends, competitors and sponsors. Last year with the help of everyone who played in the tennis ball raffle, donated raffle baskets, purchased art through MARTcela’s fundraiser- we raised $5900!
This year again we have a variety of different fundraising options going on and it seems possible that we may even exceed last year’s total. We’re super excited because it’s also the first year that we’ll be able to have full spectator participation (the last two years involved covid restrictions of course).

So… about this tennis ball thing….. here’s how it works.

Each ball represents a $20 donation, which you can make through me, to our Smiling Blue Skies fundraiser. You can choose a ball numbered 1-200 or just let me know if you want a random ball (or more than one!)

Then- etransfer (Canadians) to erin@kinderdoggin.com or paypal (Americans) to erin@kinderdoggin.com

Finally- wait for the draw date- August 13th (Saturday) at the Western Cup Challenge! All 200 balls will go into the pool and we’ll have 3 volunteer dogs draw for the big prizes. Which are:
1. A $500 gift certificate for Lynes Custom Cowboy Co.
2. A $500 Dock Diving trial/lesson package through Eromit AIRcademy
3. A $500-ish gift basket of Dog sport gear with all sorts of goodies in it.

All of these prizes including shipping to anywhere in Canada or the US so you don’t have to be here to win.