Upcoming Fundraising: A Message From Linda Sowerby

It all began 21 years ago with a $1000 donation to honour the memory of Blues - Suzi Beber’s beloved Golden Retriever.  Since then, Smiling Blue Skies has become an important means in supporting “the

The Agility Connection’s July 29th-31st Event

Thank you SO much to Christine Mandy and The Agility Connection. $1000 was raised at TAC's July 29th to 31st event, dedicated to Smiling Blue Skies. 'This event was held in memory of all our beloved

Honey Bees Fundraiser – Ontario

Honey Bees Fundraiser with Deb Brunner - Walker My bees and I have agreed that we will be once again selling the fruits of their labour in support of The Smiling Blue Skies Fund for Innovative Cancer

The Return of the Great Tennis Ball Challenge

Update from Erin Lynes: Tennis balls round 2 is on NOW! First a little background! 5 years ago, at around this time of year, Chester had his second round of mast cell tumor's removed. This was on the


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