Financial Resources

CareCredit:  When a pet becomes ill, veterinary care may be an unexpected expense.  With the CareCredit credit card, your veterinarian can help you finance the care your pet needs.  You will be able to make monthly payments that fit your budget.  There are more than 20,000 veterinary providers that accept CareCredit.
Petcard:  Petcard offers a simple and affordable way to finance the treatment or product your pet needs and it allows you to get it without delay.  Petcard’s veterinary financing programmes ensure that you don’t delay the treatment your pet needs due to cost concerns by offering you a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments.
The Farley Foundation: The Farley Foundation assists those who are struggling financially to pay for veterinary care for their pets.  Pet owners who cannot afford medical care for their sick or injured pet, and who fall into one of the following categories:  Seniors receiving the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement, Disabled individuals receiving the Ontario Disability Support Payment or the Canada Pension Plan Disability Payment, Women at risk of abuse who are entering a registered Ontario women’s shelter and who are participating in the SafePet Programme, Individuals receiving assistance through the Ontario Works Programme, and Supportive housing for seniors, retirement home or long-term care facilities with live-in pets.
The Magic Bullet Fund:  The Magic Bullet Fund helps people who have made room in their homes and hearts for a canine companion but do not have the financial resources to provide cancer treatment.  They help only when the dog would not be able to have or complete cancer treatment without their assistance.  Most families contribute some portion of the treatment fees and The Magic Bullet Fund contributes the amount that the family cannot pay.
Go Fund Me:  Crowdfunding harnesses the power of social networks and the internet to give people the means to raise funds, help others overcome hardship, and meet aspirational goals.  This is the perfect vehicle to raise funds to help your pet fight cancer.
ACTSS: Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society is a not-for-profit society dedicated to bringing affordable modern veterinary cancer treatment to veterinary cancer patients.  Through our programmes we provide subsidies to dedicated pet owners as well as educate animal owners and veterinarians on the availability, uses and benefits of advanced cancer therapies in the treatment of veterinary cancers.
Waggle:  Waggle is the only pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform that partners directly with leading veterinary providers to help pet owners raise fund for needed care.
Brown Dog Foundation, Inc.: Bridging the gap between the cost of medical care and saving the family pet.  There is a five step “Brown Dog Process.”  The first step is to complete the “Apply for Assistance” survey online.
Fetch a Cure: Companions in Crisis: The Companions in Crisis Fund provides financial assistance to help families pay for life-saving treatment for their pets who have been diagnosed with cancer.  This programme serves the states of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.
Frankie’s Friends Charitable Pet Foundation:  Frankie’s Friends Fund provides financial assistance grants to family-owned pets in need of lifesaving emergency or specialty veterinary care whose caregivers cannot afford the full cost of treatment.  This programme is designed to help with the treatment of emergency and specialty medical conditions where the pet would otherwise suffer, be euthanized, or relinquished with proper veterinary care.  Grants are not guaranteed, and will not exceed $500 per pet per household.  Before applying, you must have a clear diagnosis, a specific treatment plan in place, and an estimate of the cost of care from a veterinarian.
Land of PureGold Working Dog Cancer Treatment Grant: Grants are $1,000 per individual full-time working dog partner, the reimbursements provided directly to respective veterinary personnel for oncology-related expenses in the United States and Canada.  All breeds/mixes may apply.  Applicants must have been active, full-time working dogs at the time of cancer diagnosis, in the areas of assistance, detection, search and rescue, enforcement, military work, or animal-assisted therapy (working at least 30 hours weekly to quality).  Animal-assisted Visitation Dogs are not included in this grant programme.
The Riedel & Cody Fund:  The Riedel & Cody Fund funds chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Before completed an application, you must have a confirmed cancer diagnosis from a board certified veterinary oncologist.  Financial assistance will be paid directly to the veterinarian, clinic or hospital providing services and will not be paid to the applicant.  They do not fund surgical expenses.