OVER $47,000 raised!!!!

How can I ever find the words to thank you ALL for your generousity of spirit, for helping us in so many ways and means to change the face of Cancer?! Thank you for finding a place for our tears!! Thank you for always reaching further and higher through the years!! Thank you to everyone who has made a difference!!! Leanne and Mary, you are the best of the best!!! Carolyn, thank you for always being there!!! What an utterly fabulous walk, and an awe inspiring journey over the many years!!! My heart is filled with gratitude. Thank YOU!!!! You have made the skies even bluer!!!

Thank you to Avey Christiansen for taking photos at the 20th Annual Smiling Blue Skies Walk for Cancer in Calgary.

20th Annual Smiling Blue Skies Walk for Canine Cancer - Calgary