Honey Bees Fundraiser with Deb Brunner – Walker

My bees and I have agreed that we will be once again selling the fruits of their labour in support of The Smiling Blue Skies Fund for Innovative Cancer Research.

Of this first extraction, I have at least 60 jars (500g) to donate and with luck, perhaps a second harvest at the end of August.

This year, I am charging $20/jar, $15 of which goes directly to Smiling Blue Skies. The remainder covers some of the costs (jars, hive boxes/frames).

If you still have your jars from last year, bring them over clean and I will refill them and charge you only $18. If you want some of their sweet goodness.

Last year my bees and Luna Morison (Don)’s girls raised $1000 for this worthy cause. The goal for my girls is $2000 this year if I can get a second harvest.