It all began 21 years ago with a $1000 donation to honour the memory of Blues – Suzi Beber’s beloved Golden Retriever.  Since then, Smiling Blue Skies has become an important means in supporting “the fight to improve life for pets with cancer at OVC and beyond.”  Through small fundraisers and donations, OVC has funded “research projects and initiatives to advance the prevention and treatment of cancer in dogs and other companion animals.”  The tumour bank and clinical trials coordinators at the Institute for Comparative Cancer Investigation have been supported by funds donated to Smiling Blue Skies as well as equipment to aid in the operation of OVC’s Animal Cancer Centre.

These are just three special faces that have kept me giving back year after year.  Thank you Suzi for the emotional support given to owners fighting cancer with their companions – often a journey with ups and downs.  So worth it if we can provide our pets with treatment that allows them to enjoy quality of life with their families.

I look back fondly at the photo taken of Brenna and I taken at our first event so many years ago.  She had just finished her treatment for lymphoma.

This year’s 50/50 raffle will allow people from coast to coast to support this wonderful cause.  All proceeds to the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.  Please email Linda at to see if your favourite numbers are still available.