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Since its inception the Animal Cancer Institute and its Network of veterinary oncologists have offered cutting edge treatment options. The Animal Cancer Institute Network is based in Washington, DC and extends across the United States with sites in California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington .

It is the goal of the Animal Cancer Institute to provide more effective and less toxic options for the treatment of cancer. Collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry allows these options to be provided, in many cases, at substantially reduced costs. For more information on the therapeutic diet clinical study for cats with lymphoma, and the Animal Cancer Institute, visit our website at: 

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Oral Antimitotic Agent for Dogs with Lymphoma

Eligibility Criteria Include:

• measurable, cytologically diagnosed NH lymphoma (histology collected at study entry)

• any clinical stage but must have nodal involvement- includes relapsed cases

• favorable performance score

• no concurrent chemotherapy (within 14 days of trial entry)

• no concurrent radiation therapy (within 21 days of trial entry)

• concurrent use of corticosteroids accepted providing treatment duration is greater than 21 days and/or no clinical improvement is noted. Measurable disease defined by examination, radiographs, ultra-sound, CT or MRI scan

Trial Design: 

Diagnostic and staging tests may be performed at any veterinary hospital within 10 days of initiation of study:

• Serum biochemistry


• Urinalysis

• Thoracic and abdominal radiographs

Patients will be treated at a participating Animal Cancer Institute Network clinic. Lymph node biopsies will be required at entry, Day 7, first objective response and at progression or relapse.

Trial Support/Funding Includes: 

• Laboratory, biopsy and professional fees (as required for the study) from time of enrollment through Day 56 (additional monthly exams beyond Day 56 will be owner’s financial responsibility)

• Oral Antimitotic agent through Day 56 (beyond Day 56, additional monthly shipments of study drug supply will be billed to the clinic/investigator at a rate of $50 per shipment)

Dogs will receive the oral medication over a 4-week initial phase. Continued therapy will be available pending response to therapy. Long-term follow-up recheck examinations will be performed monthly.

For more information please contact the Animal Cancer Institute (202-363-7300) or see our website at