An Article from Ontario Veterinary College:

Dr. Valerie Poirier has been named the Marilyn Pocock Radiation Oncologist & Diagnostic Imaging Research Scientist, supported through Smiling Blue Skies.

A veteran radiation oncologist, Dr. Poirier received her DVM from the University of Montreal and then completed back-to-back residencies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and VetSuisse-University of Zurich, culminating in 2006.

Here at OVC, she founded the radiation oncology service in 2011 and established the relationship with Grand River Hospital’s medical physicist to enable a collaborative practice that has now treated 1,400 patients. Recently, she completed further clinical training to support the addition of diagnostic imaging to her veterinary practice, making her “the only person in the world that is a specialist in medical and radiation oncology as well as diagnostic imaging.”

Dr. Poirier writes about her career at OVC, “What I love about my work is that we can really help our patients and their families and also keep up with the new technology so we can improve their outcomes.”

As a researcher, she has nearly 40 peer reviewed publications regarding optimal radiation and pharmaceutical dosing for various cancers in feline and canine patients.

Dr. Valerie Poirier

Research and practice in radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging is my life’s work. Thank you for the opportunity to receive this recognition and this support.