Spencer Sunshine

In Loving Memory of “Spencer Sunshine”

Teddy, Opal and Albert

In Loving Memory of “Teddy”, “Opal” and “Albert” Waring

On April 1, 2023, I thought I had 3 healthy Goldens, but all 3 died before July 4th.

Albert: 9/11/2013-4/16/2023
Teddy: 10/27/2009-6/28/2023
Opal: 9/30/2013-7/3/2023

Albert (Am GCH Can GCH MBIS Chestnut Doesn’t Get Better Than This BPIS, Can SDHF BISS CGN) was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma on April 11th. He departed this earth 5 days later. Albert was a goofy Golden who excelled in the show ring. He came to live with me October 2021. I will always be grateful to Mary Beth for sharing this wonderful Golden with me. We just didn’t have long enough together.

Teddy, (Tangleloft Wholly Guacamole), died from renal failure at the age of 13 years, 8 months on June 28. He fought lymphoma, idiopathic epilepsy, and chronic kidney disease. He died from renal failure that he battled for over 2 years. Teddy flunked Show Dog 101 and came to live with me when he was 3. Typical Golden, loving, kind and loyal. Although we miss Teddy dearly, we so appreciate that he lived to be a senior.

Opal: Sandpiper’s Over the Rainbow, CCA, was diagnosed on June 18 with hemangiosarcoma as well. She left me on July 3. Opal came to live with me when she was 2. She was another show dog flunky. We immediately bonded and she was by my side 24/7. Losing your heart dog is so painful.

Losing 3 Goldens in less than 3 months has been unbearable.

Thank you, Suzi, for helping and guiding me as I navigated the unimaginable.