Sandie Bond Weekend Wrap-Up



From Joanne and Laureen Kinney:  We had a lovely weekend with Sandie Bond for the early and intermediate stages field training seminar! Lots of wonderful helpers, great food and the weather cooperated too! Thanks so much, Sandie for donating your expertise, patience and time, John and Janice Gunn for donating the use of their wonderful training building and grounds and the GRCBC in particular for sponsoring the seminar. Thanks especially to the trainers who came out for the weekend and multiple others who loaned equipment and helped in various ways. And a special thanks to Anna and Don Morison for the use of all the materials they had developed for the seminar. We hope this event has given an extra boost to novices, especially who want to do hunt tests but find many of the steps quite intimidating! We also were able to contribute over $2,000 to the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund to the long term benefit of both dogs and people.