Purpose of the study:  Localized hyperthermia (heat) combined with radiation has been shown to be an effective treatment to control soft tissue sarcoma. The purpose of this study is to discover the mechanism of how localized hyperthermia enhances the effects of radiation therapy.

Patient Entry Criteria:  In general, these studies are available to qualifying patients living within 100 miles of the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University. The patient must have the disease of soft tissue sarcoma, which has been confirmed by biopsy and histopathology. No other medical conditions may be present that might prevent the patient from completing this six-week study. For more information regarding entry criteria, please contact our Consult Coordinator at 970-297-4195.

Owner Responsibilities:  This study requires six weeks of frequents visits to the Animal CancerCentre. The patient will receive daily treatments (M-F) for five weeks of the six-week protocol. The client must schedule and keep all appointments related to the study. Should the owner  decide to withdraw  from the study, the owner may be held  responsible for all costs 


Financial Incentives:  The owner pays an initial $250. The study pays all remaining costs associated with initial diagnostics, hyperthermia treatment, radiation therapy, and all costs associated with complications resulting from treatment. Costs associated with tumor recurrence, metastasis, routine health maintenance, or any treatment beyond hyperthermia and radiation intended for tumor control are the responsibility of the owner. For more information regarding financial incentives, please contact our Consult Coordinator at 970-297-4195.