Study Name:  Interferon Tau Study

Purpose of the study:  The purpose of this study is to collect tolerability (toxicity), immune response  and preliminary effectiveness information for the administration of Interferon Tau in canine cancer patients. The information generated by this study will then be used to design a larger study comparing standard-of-care therapy to standard-of-care therapy plus Interferon Tau.

Patient Entry Criteria:  In general, these studies are available to qualifying patients living within 100 miles of the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University. Eligible patients are canine cancer patients with melanoma, hemangiosarcoma, or osteosarcoma. When the patient has exhausted all standard-of-care therapy options, or the client declines standard-of-care therapy, the client will be offered entry into this study. Dogs which stage positive for metastasis are considered eligible. Once entered into the trial, an owner may elect, at any time, to discontinue with the trial and seek other treatment.

Owner Responsibilities:  The client is responsible for all costs related to the diagnosis and treatment of the patientís cancer, and for all costs related to complications that might arise  as a result of treatment of the patientís cancer. All evaluations and blood samples related to the study must be collected at the Animal Cancer Center. All patients will be evaluated two weeks following the initiation of therapy and then at monthly intervals.

Financial Incentives:  This study pays only the cost of Interferon Tau. For more information regarding financial incentives, please contact our Consult Coordinator at 970-297-4195.