Study Name:  Osteosarcoma and Meloxicam Study

Purpose of the study:  The purpose of this study is to evaluate the benefits of the drug meloxicam inthe postoperative pain management of canine patients with osteosarcoma.

Patient Entry Criteria:  In general, these studies are available to qualifying patients living within 100 miles of the Animal Cancer Centere at Colorado Sate University. Eligible patients are dogs with histologically confirmed osteosarcoma of an extremity. The patientís treatment plan must include amputation of the effected limb followed by doxorubicin (Adriamycin®) chemotherapy. Diagnostic evaluation must indicate no spread of cancer in the patient. Additionally, the patient must have no pre-existing heart condition that would make doxorubicin an inappropriate choice for treatment. Patients may not have concurrent disease that might prevent them from completing the study.

Owner Responsibilities:  This study pays only the cost of meloxicam. The client is responsible for all costs related to the diagnosis and treatment of the patientís cancer, and for all costs related to complications that might arise as a result of treatment of the patient’s cancer.

Financial Incentives:  This study pays only the cost of meloxicam.