The Animal Cancer Institute in cooperation with the AMC Cancer Research Center is looking for assistance in a canine cancer research study. The project involves collection of histopathology samples on purebred dogs with osteosarcoma. The purpose of the analysis is to determine how genes impact the development of osteosarcoma in dogs.


Study eligibility criteria include:

Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Scottish Deerhounds and Mastiffs with known pedigrees can participate in this study. Other breeds may be eligible upon approval by the Animal Cancer Institute.

Dogs must have a diagnosis of appendicular osteosarcoma (Grades I-II), with no evidence of metastatic disease.

There must be at least two unaffected first-degree relatives of the affected dog (parents, siblings, or offspring) that will consent to participation through the donation of 10-15 ml of EDTA-anticoagulated blood (samples from unaffected relatives are not required at the time of diagnosis or sample submission from the affected patient).

Informed owner consent form authorizing pre-treatment excisional biopsy (to be collected in a medium supplied by the AMC), and commitment for treatment with an acceptable protocol (e.g. amputation or limb-sparing surgery and systemic chemotherapy with Cisplatin, Carboplatin, Adriamycin, or a combination thereof).

Trial Support/Funding Includes:

$150 stipend toward cost of biopsy

Histopathology and shipping of samples (an approximate value of $130) will be performed at no charge by the AMC Cancer Research Center .

For more information please contact Jen Turner at the Animal Cancer Institute (202) 363-7300 or see our website at: