Lohbrunner Park, in Victoria BC, features a pond with a trail that loops around at the water’s edge. It is named in honour of Edmund Lohbrunner. This small, once jewel like park, was part of his world famous nursery, “Lohbrunner Gardens.” We are fortunate that our home backs onto this park of “memories,” and I am lucky to have spent special time with Mr. Lohbrunner’s daughter, Joan, in her later years, and to share garden stories and tips and dogs. When Joan and her husband’s dog, a beautiful Lab, was diagnosed with cancer, we worked with them and their vets to help provide comfort and quality of life. Joan has been gone for a while, but her generosity of spirit lives on. She left over $50,000 in her will to The Smiling Blue Skies Fund for Innovative Cancer Research. We are forever grateful for this final act of kindness, and her teachings live on and her father’s legacy lives on through the E.H Lohbrunner Alpine Garden at UBC.