Exemplary Team Award ~ CONGRATULATIONS to The OVC Health Sciences Centre Oncology Service Team of Amanda Bridge, Melanie Brooks, Laura Furness, Helena Hartona, Geri Higginson, Jeanette Jones, Bojena Kelmendi, Vicky Heinbecker-Marsili, Vicky Sabine, Kaya Skowronski, Jeannie Wetheral and Katie Carter is a strongly bonded group whose members provide comprehensive care and compassion for pets with cancer and their families. In 2012, the team built the centre that won the Practice of the Year award in 2017 from the Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association.

Smiling Blue Skies is so happy that we have been able to continue our support of the Clinical Trials and Tumour Bank Coordinator positions at OVC. YOUR commitment to Smiling Blue Skies helps OVC to enrol as many patients as possible in ongoing clinical trials (Since 2014, approximately 977 patients have been recruited into 31 oncology-related studies — currently 16 active studies with 12 that are open for recruitment, and an additional 4 studies that are closed for recruitment, but patients are still being tracked and follow-up information is being collected.), and the ever growing sample tumour bank has about a 98% success rate!!

See the whole story here:  https://news.uoguelph.ca/2018/09/community-breakfast-priorities-for-2018-19-and-celebrating-outstanding-staff-and-faculty/