Friends of Smiling Blue Skies

A special thank you to the following individuals, organizations, and businesses, for their support of The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund events.
Thanks to you, we are reaching beyond the brightest stars, to take a bite out of canine cancer.

wilson mobile

wilson mobile2


Wilson Mobile Veterinary Services provides veterinary care in the comfort of your home
within London and surrounding areas including Lucan, St. Mary's, Thorndale and Ilderton.
They also provide end of life care to Stratford, St. Thomas and Strathroy areas.

Dr. Amy's professional affiliations include:
A licensed member, in good standing, of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario
A member of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association
A member of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care.

Linda Matteson-Reynolds PHOTOGRAPHY offers Inspirational Posters from her collection of dog-agility photos. Each 11 X 14 poster costs $25.00 with $10.00 of the proceeds going directly to Smiling Blue Skies. Log on to her website to view other posters. If you are one of the lucky champions that Linda has photographed, you can change out the poster photo for your own. Contact Linda at for more information.

Hilary Anne Stephens is an award winning interpretive landscape artist/photographer based on the Sunshine Coast, BC, where she shares her life with an amazing Golden Retriever, "Lauer."

Hilary’s images evoke an emotional response and alter perception rather than capture the overall reality of the scene. Her vision has always been to create images that do not look like photographs, but rather impressionistic paintings. Captivated by the complexities of the elements of earth, water, fire and air, Hilary explores their intense power and interconnectedness through her work. Hilary’s camera technique is an essential part of her creative process because she does not use Photoshop to produce her images.

For her, the rawness of this environment is illustrated more authentically by the inherent integrity of her images.

We are SO thrilled, that Hilary has donated this magnificent print to the Holland Landing's "Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer."

hilary anne stephens


3068 3rd Line, Innisfil, Ontario

15% of December 2013 proceeds will be donated to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.

katcha bilek


Inspired by her Grandmother Mary, who was her inspiration in life and in fibre arts, and also inspired by a love for all her furry friends, Lisa Tomlinson has created a very special small business, that aspires to create only the coziest, most personal creations for all of your pets' needs.  Whether small, big, old, young, healthy, or in need of some extra love and attention, your pets will be comfortable and cozy with Mary's Big Sheep Custom Creature Creations.

Please visit Mary's on Etsy at for safe and secure shopping.

We are so pleased, that "Mary's Big Sheep" is partnering with "The Smiling Blue Skies ® Cancer Fund," in order to raise money to end canine cancer. As Lisa says, "So many of us have lost four-legged friends to this deadly disease; let's do what we can to help out those pets and their humans who are currently suffering from the difficulties and tragedies that cancer presents."

In order to help out, $5 from the purchase of every Mary's Big Sheep dog collar will go to Smiling Blue Skies.

1.5" and Thickness, all colours and finishes: $40

1.0" Thickness, all colours and finishes: $35

3/4" Thickness, all colours and finishes: $25

Sandy, Jon, and "Tucker" . . . forever in our hearts
* * *
Sandra Parsons RGD | Partner
Vopni & Parsons Design Limited
453 Soudan Avenue, Toronto ON
M4S 1X1 | 416 483 6557



Sandy Hook Angels Therapy Dogs

Watching television on the morning of December 14th, 2012 was surreal, as the news unfolded, little by little, of what was happening less than two miles up the road from our house. Initially I just heard the sirens, and then a Newtown friend posted a page on Facebook, from our online newspaper, The Newtown Patch. A possible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. That’s when I turned on the television and started paying more attention to the sirens, that I now realized were not just passing by and fading. They kept on and on and on …. then the helicopters started coming, and then just more and more speculation from the news reports until the world learned, much later in the day, just how horrific a tragedy we were facing.

Shocked, like so many others in Sandy Hook and Newtown, our neighboring towns, and across our entire state and country, I felt helpless and sickened and sad. And also like so many others, I wondered what in the world I could do to help, when a small voice said, “hey, you have a wonderful therapy dog, as do many of your friends in Sandy Hook and Newtown, and surrounding towns; they have an ability that will amaze you.” And before I knew it there was a group of nine golden retrievers and one black lab at my house, forming a caravan down to the primary memorial site. And that started a week of incredible work on the part of Libby, Mirasol Cayberry UnScentsored, who rocked my world with her awesome instincts, abilities and perseverance in the face of unimaginable grief and horror. Many of the children smiling for the first time since the tragedy, and so many adults smiling through their tears, as they reached out to touch her, and she reached up to them. Night after night we came home sad and exhausted, but each day Libby went right back to work, wearing her happy face and obviously eager to help comfort and heal. Words just cannot adequately express the impact our dogs had … they are beyond awesome in their ability to comfort and heal. I think the photos tell their story quite well.



Real Dogs Real People is a fresh concept committed to fresh content; the site is growing quickly and will be updated weekly, so please check in often! The site is dedicated to helping dog lovers make informed decisions in their real lives with dogs. The site does not tell people what to do. Instead, it enables people to explore "options!"

Karl Edwards
9285 SW View Point Terrace
Portland, OR 97219


Margaret Almon
Nutmeg Designs: Mosaic Joy!

Handcrafted mosaics by Margaret Almon and stained glass
by Wayne Stratz transform pieces into radiant wholes.
HOPE speaks loudly in their gifted hands!
Thank you Margaret and Wayne, for colouring our world in such special ways. 


To all our Sponsors and Donors!

"Cobalt Blue Heart Brooch . . . $5.00 from the sale of each brooch,
will be donated to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.

Odile Gova creates one of a kind felt brooches and other accessories.
She works primarily with recycled wool sweater felt and brass zippers.

To honour and support "Smiling Blue Skies," Odile has created a very special "Woolyfabulous" brilliant blue felt heart,
embellished with pieces of brass zipper and hand embroidery. She has enveloped each heart with two layers of a brass zipper.

The approximate dimensions for this beautiful brooch are 2 inches X 2 inches.
The heart is light weight and quite firm, and looks gorgeous on anything, from a sweater to a purse!!!

Each heart is $20.00, and $5.00 from the sale of each heart, will be donated to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.

This very special video, has been placed here with the blessings of Wendy Francisco.


Sashettes 2014 Calendar

sashettes 2014 calendar

A very special message from Sue Norrie . . .

Having lost both Sasha and Savanah to cancer in the past few months has made this year's calendar
incredibly difficult to work on, but it is now almost ready for the printer.

In the past 7 years we have raised $9,931.36 with these calendars, with 100% of the money being split between
The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund and The Goldstock Fund. I am so proud of this special litter of dogs (and their owners)
for such an amazing accomplishment. And I am so proud of Sasha, what an incredible litter of puppies she gave birth to!

I would like to thank our sponsors once again, because without them this calendar fundraiser would not be possible.
Many thanks to Suzi Beber of Smiling Blue Skies, Ann Thomas of Tigertail Foods, Richard Carlton of Richard Carlton Consulting,
Jane & Rick Fish of Source Menagerie, Cory Hoffart of C.H. Construction, Rich & Deb Haggerty-Chambers, Mark & Shereen Farber,
Katie Dyer, The Golden Retriever Club Of Quebec, Canine Life, Sasha's Special Aunties (Sharon Bennett, Pamela Bloom,
Chris Clark, Petra Eberlein, Sherri Oslick, Mary Potempa, Sherri Rieck & Ruth Ann Tiedjens) and last but not least, Merla Thompson of Xciting Ideas.

Pictures of this beautiful calendar can be seen at

Proceeds from the sale of this very special calendar benefit The Goldstock Fund and The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.

Calendars can be purchased by mail or on-line, using PayPal

$25 if you purchase via PayPal
$23.00 if you mail in a cheque

To purchase by mail, please send cheques to:

2012 Sashettes Calendar
c/o Rich Chambers
1718 Amherst Way
Woodland CA 95695

To purchase on-line with PayPal, go to

Canadians wishing to order these amazing calendars, are asked to send an email to Sue Norrie, cdngoldens@LAZYRIVER.CA

Thank you so much for your support!

Dina and Joanne send greetings from the 2010 Western Pet Expo, in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Joanne and Dina of "West Coast Canine LIfe" and "Endless Pawsibilities" at Eat! Vancouver

Dina Correale
Endless Pawsibilities
PO Box 35083
Victoria, BC V8T 5G2

Special thanks to Janice Gunn and to her very special girl, Echo.
TNT Kennels and Retrievers
Janice and John Gunn
National Field Champion & Finalists
Field & Obedience Champions
Master Hunters

Many thanks to AVID, for their ongoing support of Smiling Blue Skies!!!!


AVID brings wonderful tools to people and dogs, to strengthen their relationships.
Whether your dog is destined to be a sports dog, an obedience prospect,
or simply the very best and loving lap dog,
the foundation skills we have to offer are all very important.
We are pleased to have instructed many of our AVID students
to achieve AAC top titles as well as AAC Regional and National successes.

2009 Agility Association of Canada National Championships
Nepean National Equestrian Park (just minutes outside of Ottawa)
July 30, 2009 to August 2, 2009




sundog kennels

SunDog Kennels

Canine Boarding
Jackie & Geoff Matticks

Box 4, Site 9, RR 1
Cochrane, AB. T4C 1A1
Tel: (403) 650-4117
Fax: (403) 946-9990

custom pet


For over thirty years, illustrator Karl Edwards has developed cartoon
characters for national advertising campaigns and children's books.
He is also a specialist in wildlife and pet portraiture. His technique
blends the best of traditional pen and ink and watercolour with
edgy, contemporary computer rendering.


Box 556, Campbellville,Ontario
Phone: 905-854-5474
Toll-Free: 1-800-267-0581 (North America)
Fax: 905-854-5475

six degrees of separation

paws to claws

"Paws to Claws" . . . Grooming ~ Dog Walking ~ Pet Sitting
Serving Bradford, Holland Landing, and Bond Head, Ontario, Canada

Many, many thanks to Bernadette, who donates ALL tips from grooming, dog walking, and dog sitting, to Smiling Blue Skies. Bernadette lost her heart dog, Blaze, a beautiful Siberian Husky, to cancer, and she says now, "Together, we can make a difference in the future lives of our Fur-kids." She's so right!! Thanks to special people like Bernadette, we are truly taking a bite out of cancer!

Muskoka Agility Dogs
Email Address:
Telephone: 705-788-0400

Homeopathy for All . . .
Your Guide to Understanding the Basics of Homeopathic Treatment.
This site is an easy to understand guide to some of the theory and clinical
applications of homeopathy, sourced from over ten years of study and practice.
Homeopathic First Aid can be life changing, not only for you, but for your pets too!
Please visit:

"Savannah Celebrating Life"


East Coast Contact
LIza Cowell

West Coast Contact
Joanne Fraser


'Our dogs may not be our whole life, but they make our lives whole.' Canine Life is the natural food alternative, with the convenience of kibble. Canine Life is made in Canada, with only the finest human grade ingredients. Canine Life puts you in the driver seat, because you choose the ingredients that will best meet the individual requirements of your dog. Canine Life is based on the National Research Council's (NRC) nutritional requirements for dogs, and has been developed as a hypoallergenic formula. Canine Life comes in ready-to-feed and pre-mix formulas, that accommodate home cooked and raw meat diets. Best of all, Canine Life is easy to prepare . . . at home, or on the road!

For each 5 kg bag of Canine Life sold, $2.00 is donated to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.

For each 10 kg bag of Canine Life sold, $4.00 is donated to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.

For every 20 pre-made muffins of Canine Life sold, $1.20 is donated to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.

Thanks to Liza Cowell and Canine Life, for their ongoing support of the Smiling Blue Skies cancer fund. A percentage of the proceeds of ALL Canine Life  and West Coast Canine Life dog food, is donated to OVC's Smiling Blue  Skies Cancer Fund, for the treatment and research of canine cancer.

Canine Life hypoallergenic muffins are the ultimate in nutritional convenience. Canine Life meets the NRC daily requirements, and uses only organic and human quality ingredients. From bag to bowl, Canine Life provides everything your dog needs to be happy and healthy.
Feed them for life; feed them Canine Life! 905-331-4455



Contact Dina and receive a 10% discount on your first order.

Treats and Snacks and Complete Diets
All natural treats and biscuits, handmade for your pets.
Special occasion cakes and truffles.
Theme gift baskets are available too.

"Treat your special pet to "Endless Pawsibilities" every day!

Try: Nonna's Own Marinara Crunch, Banana Crunch Biscuits, Smackin' Liver Training Treats,
Cinnamon Carob Crunch, Apple Crisps, and Bow Wow Power Bars.

Partial proceeds from all sales go towards "The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund."

"Take a Paws" . . . Private in Home Boarding for Your Dog

Cynthia Bennell


Thank you to Becky, "Dreamer", "Flame", and "Camden", and Ellen, and her two boys, "Ripley" and "Teddy", and Laurie and "Grace" and "Dee Dee" for their
ongoing support of The  Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.  Thanks to them, we will never be out  of wonderful woobies!!!

Paulina Cassidy

Visit the Restless Moon Gallery, where you will discover a playful world of magic and enchantment.

Organic Household Cleaner Concentrate & Natural Deskunker™
Pet Shampoo / Conditioner

Click here, to learn why people are so excited about using Orange A Peel Products.


This ad was featured in "The Rider" (Equine Publication).



Thanks to everyone at Animal Wellness Magazine,
for their ongoing support of The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.
1-866-764 -1212

Thanks to Ilene Kurzman and Biting-Back, for their support of The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.  Biting-Back's goal is to support efforts to improve cancer prevention and treatment for pets and people. Biting-Back offers veterinary cancer awareness products, and all profits from the sale of these items, are donated to veterinary cancer studies and programmes throughout the United States.  Biting-Back is helping us right here in Canada too, through the University of Guelph's Pet Trust: In Memory of Blues.



Be the miracle.
The mission at courierfontwear® is to inspire love and compassion among all people through the use of their simple, yet thought-provoking messages.
Inspired by both the spontaneity and kindness of others, owner/designer Lauren Johnson created courierfontwear® interactive tees to encourage the same reverence for life which she believes is inherent in all of us.
By wearing courierfontwear® we will have the privilege of being a catalyst for change as we begin to move toward healthier relations among all people. 
Be the miracle.
Lauren has very generously donated 4 "Greet everyone as you would your dog." 
t-shirts to our very special cause.

In-your-home Puppy Training
Oakville, Ontario

Many thanks to Ron Middleton, for allowing us to use this beautiful Dreamscape.

If we dream it, we can do it . . .
If we can visualize it . . .
We can actualize it . . .
and take a bite out of canine cancer.
Together, we can make a difference.

Please visit Ron's beautiful web site at:



The Golden Retriever Club of Alberta was formed in 1984 by a small group of people
who shared a common interest in the purebred dog known as the Golden Retriever.

The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund salutes the Golden Retriever Club of Canada and the Golden Retriever Club of Alberta, for their ongoing support.

The Golden Retriever Club of Alberta

The Golden Retriever Club of Canada

The Golden Retriever Club of British Columbia

Download the Golden Retriever Club of British Columbia Newsletter -- Awards Issue -- 2009


Home The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto
Promoting Training, Education, and Breed Integrity

Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto


Thanks to the Maritine Golden Retriver Club
over $500 was raised at the Golder Retriver Club of Canada 2006 National Specialty.

Maritime Golden Retriever Club

The Maritime Golden Retriever Club has done it again!! Their Labour
Day Weekend Regional Specialty, raised $550.00 for The Smiling Blue
Skies Cancer Fund.

Maritime Golden Retriever Club

The Golden Retriever Club of Quebec's 2008 Spring Regional Specialty
raised $310.00 for The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund, with the raffle
of these very special "Paw Prints in the Garden" earrings, featuring .
999 pure fine silver, Sterling silver, Moonstones, Swarovski crystals,
and seed pearls, that were the prototype for the Smiling Blue Skies
Jewelry "Paw Prints" collection. Thank you to everyone who
participated in this great event.

Golden Retriever Club of Quebec

Modern Dog is the glossy, high-end lifestyle magazine for urban dogs and their companions, featuring expert advice, dog-friendly travel destinations, full fashion spreads, the latest accessories for your pooch and what's new in the doggie world. For the Love of Dog - "Modern Dog."

Modern Dog, Inc.
1941 Whyte Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6J 1B4

At Neo-Paws International we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your pet's safety is of the utmost importance and it is an owner's responsibility to ensure this.

That's why we have designed a full line of high quality, innovative and easy to use products with the animal's safety, comfort and performance in mind.

Reflective strips and brilliant colours make the
NEO-PAWS Products unique and attractive and their functionality and quality cannot be surpassed. Browse through and enjoy!

Ren's Pets Depot
Canada's Source for Professional Pet Products for Over 30 Years
4002 Trafalgar Road, at the corner of Trafalgar Road and Burnamthorpe
Oakville, Ontario
Toll Free 1-866-736-7738

A Stable Way of Life
Unit 123-5325 Cordova Bay Road
Victoria BC V8Y 2L3
250 - 658 - 3052

Thank you to Mary and Doug Rotchell, for their continuing support of The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.

New Concept Art & Framing Sales Ltd.
2133 Royal Windsor Dr., Unit 15
Mississauga, Ontario, L5J 1K5

Lisa Verkley and Winger

Special thanks to Lisa Verkley, of Goldwing Communications, who has been such an advocate for The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund. Because of her, Golden Retriever owners across Canada, can share stories, their hopes and dreams.


Great Dane Rescue, Inc

Thank you so much to Diane Henn, for her ongoing support of The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund. 

For gorgeous collars and tracking harnesses, contact Diane at or call 250-743-4904.


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