I give you this one to keep . . .
I am with you still . . .  I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not think of me as gone . . .
I am with you still . . . in each new dawn.

Smiling Blue Skies Angels

"Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you
I loved you so
'twas Heaven here with you."

Isla Paschal Richardson

"Bob Cox"

"Thank you River for taking such good care of us;
Rest in peace and run free my beautiful boy."
June 18, 2004 - July 27, 2015


"In Memory of Bob Cox"

Bob was much more than just another exhibitor. He was a man of strong character, very proud, very generous, with great integrity, and low tolerance for pettiness. Like any man with strong beliefs and the guts to stand by them, he probably had a few detractors, but those of us who knew and loved him, knew that beneath that "curmudgeonly" exterior, crusty wit and slightly warped sense of humour, there was a heart of true gold. Bob had a vision for the future of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada and he wasn't going to let anyone or anything get in the way of reaching those goals.

He took over the presidency of the GRCC with great enthusiasm and zest. He worked tirelessly to improve the club. With Esther at his side, together as they always were, he took on projects, organized meetings, and kept club business moving forward. He knew how to give you the extra little push without being overbearing. He knew how to motivate you. Bob was the club cheerleader, promoting the GRCC in many ways and keeping it on track , and at the same time, always moving forward in a positive direction.

Bob was the consummate exhibitor; win or lose, he always had a huge smile on his face, and saw humour in pretty much everything. He was the type of exhibitor people would or should endeavour to be. In the ring or the field, you could see the connection between Bob and Cabot; the love was so very evident between them. However, the love he had for Esther was the greatest love of all, together for 38 years, as Esther said, "We did everything together." You could never find a couple more suited for each other than Bob and Esther.

Bob Cox should be remembered for his Versatility:
for his contribution to the GRCC over many years;
for his dedication to the breed in multiple events;
for his love of the Golden Retriever;
for his speaking abilities;
for his humour that kept us all sane or at least, laughing;
for his enthusiasm to keep all of us motivated, and for the occasional ever so gentle kick in the butt when we weren't;
and ultimately, for his heart of Gold, something he gave a little piece of to pretty much everyone he ever met.


"Thank you to Kim Sheehan (Byrk), Gail Wormington, and Jane Christy,
for sharing these special memories."


In loving memory of Carm's much beloved "Big Guy" . . . the gentle man of gentlemen, "Squire".

On Sunday January 13th, my "gentle man of gentlemen." my soul mate, left me behind to venture on to his next journey, but sweetness stays close, in memories shared with the best friend a person could find. The Big Guy, "Squire," was one of the best friends a person could have. I will miss you my friend. Squire had his family and friends by his side when he drifted off to The Rainbow Bridge to play will all that have gone before him. He can now do all the zoomies he so loved to do in agility, and sniff all the smells without getting a pull on the leash to ask him to stop. He was the most accomplished pet and friend I have ever owned. We had titles in just about every discipline. I think the 2 sports he loved most were agility and field training. He didn’t learn to swim until he was almost 2, but boy did he love it. It was a chore to get him out of the water. I could go on and on but those of you who knew him were touched forever by the Big Guy. Now I say goodbye to my friend, my soul mate,

Can Ch Camalire Country Squire CD, TD, WC, WCI, JH, AGNS, AGIS, SADC, VAADC, VMADC, CGN, RN, GVDOTC, CDX, Lifetime Versatility
Sleep well my friend . . . I miss you . . . Carm.


In Loving Memory of Tobi's "Terri".

It is with heavy heart that I am writing Terri didn't make it. We had to release her yesterday as her PCV count just wouldn't climb and stay up no matter what we did to help her. Her body failed. She was and became my Golden Aussie as Chase gave her his blood. If you could have seen him last night it was so sad. He wouldn't come out of his crate all night. The dogs all knew something was wrong. We brought Chyna to my office and let her stay with Mom until we left. It was a good thing. She was fine with all of it. With love comes pain and gosh it really hurts. But I guess that is the price for love. This kind of love is so wonderful. How sad for the people who do not know or understand the love of a pet, be it dog, cat or which ever. It is truly the best.

No, Terri wasn't that great big beautiful show dog but she was special in her way. Jon didn't want another dog when she became ours but boy did she ever win him over. He was doing laps in the pool one day when he realized he wasn't alone. She adored swimming and loved to swim with him. She kept up also. She was a soccer ball nut and really enjoyed to play. I remember at Goldstock one summer there was a professional soccer player down on the field and Terri heard that sound and couldn't resist. She was on the soccer field and played with this guy for more than 45 minutes. It was hilarious. Her favorite game was when you would place a ball at the top of her head and let it down straight down the bridge of her nose and she'd swing her head and it would land in her mouth. She didn't want to do it of late. Spirit has been trying to get her to play with her but Terri just couldn't. It was time and we knew it. One of my vets came into the room just as we were letting her go and I placed a tennis ball under her chin. She told me it wasn't necessary as she was already playing with new ones and that Stephen had come to take her. It was really so peaceful. She's free now and not tired any more. We all want the same we all need the same and we all feel the same pain. It hurts but it has to be.


In Loving Memory of Tobi's "Chyna".


In celebration of the life, and to honour the memory of "Madeleine"
. . . truly, a miracle with paws..

"Dodge Ball"

Pikes Dodge Ball (Dodge Ball)     1/12/05-2/25/08

Dodge Ball was loved and adopted by Jeff and Shelley Lake of Paola, Kansas. Shelley trained him at the Woodlands Greyhound Race Track in Kansas City, KS and fell head over heels in love with him! On October 23, 2007, the day Dodge Ball was supposed to go to the adoption kennel after injuring his right ankle and ending his racing career, he had 4 seizures in an hour and a half. Shelley arranged for veterinary care and he was placed under a Phenobarbital coma to reset his brain. It worked and when he came out of his coma, he was started on oral Phenobarbital and did very well!! He had some residual ataxia but no more seizures. On November 1, he came to our house. He learned to love car rides, the off leash dog park and playing with all of his greyhound siblings. He loved his momma and used to bark at her to tell her it was time to eat!! He also loved to sing with 3 of the other greys and the old lady lab. This was a daily occurrence. Then 5 months almost to the day, (February 24th) the seizures started again and he had 9-10 in a 24-hour period. Being both veterinarians, we treated him at home and even with a ton of medications on board the seizures continued to worsen and so we sent our beautiful Dodgem Ball to join his “brother”, Boy Friend, at the Bridge. You see, Dodge Ball was my sign that Boy Friend crossed to the Bridge safely. Both Boy Friend and Dodge Ball had 5 months after disaster struck. Now both of my angel boys are watching over me together. The lesson he taught was live every day to the fullest, because life is too short. Thank you, Dodge Ball for being a part of our family, we miss you so much.

"Amazing Gracie"

Gracie came into GRRMF in 2002, 40 pounds overweight, shaven, skittish and trusting no one. She was my first foster and ultimately my first foster failure. She was not an easy dog to have around but I knew that somewhere in her bull-in-a-china-closet demeanor was a golden retriever spirit aching to come out.
Visits to specialists revealed that she had suffered neurological damage which caused trembling in her extremities. In addition, she was losing her sight. And thankfully, she recovered from a mild stroke that struck unexpectedly in 2004.
After Maggie & Trooper died within weeks of each other in 2005, she was inconsolable. Three weeks later, Opie came to us and I watched my girl take on the role of mother hen to a dog who was terrified by the world. As he healed, so did she. She taught him to trust. He taught her it was okay to let loose by teaching her to play, something she had never done before. Her gentle spirit was finally blossoming. Though she was, at that point, totally blind, she nevertheless allowed my senior cat to clean her face and groom her. Six years ago, that would not have been possible.
When Gracie stopped eating in late January, I knew something was terribly wrong. Tests revealed that a rare form of cancer had invaded her body…and within a week of her diagnosis, she let me know she was ready to join her sister and brothers at the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you, Gracie, for being my teacher. You taught me to not judge a book by it’s cover. You taught me to not always go on first impressions. You taught me that love and patience can work miracles. You were and always will be my miracle girl.
Godspeed, my Amazing Gracie. Until we meet again….

Pam, Carson & Freeman Strickland


 In loving memory of LIsa's "Jake" 



 In loving memory of Nicole's "Scoobie" 



There aren't enough words to express how we loved our Driscoll-man, nor how much he gave back to us: More than there are stars in the sky, more than there are galaxies in the universe. We never met a boy so full of joy, so ready for fun and so happy to please. He was once given an award as The Happiest Dog on the Planet. We hope that he is playing amongst all the other 'happiest dogs', the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you, dear Driscoll, for your eternal devotion, and for teaching Dru how to be kind and gentle by example.

Thank you to Suzi and Blue Skies, for your wise and generous counsel.

"Nothing Gold can Stay" (Robert Frost)

Throughout this three month-long ordeal, we were guided and protected by an
extraordinary and abiding band of earth-angels from one end of Canada to the other.

Some of you gave us hope and encouragement.
Some gave us the strength to carry on, week after week.
Some provided us with herbal remedies.
Some provided wisdom.
Some brought tea and sweeties.
Some brought suggestions and creative ideas.
Some brought recipes.
Some sent food or healthy treats for Driscoll.
Some sent food or healthy treats for us.
Some sent flowers or cards.
Some sent research.
Some sent jokes to rally us from our despairing moments.
Some wrote almost daily.
Some called unfailingly to ask how things were going.
Some shared their experiences of canine cancer.
Some laughed, and some cried with us.
Some offered to give us a break from the stress.
Some offered a shoulder to cry on.
Some brought us medications or treatments.
Some brought us hugs, real or virtual.
Some prayed for us.
Some told us it was OK to say goodbye.
Some lit candles for us.

All have gotten us through such a devastating and heartbreaking time that we all know too well.

I have been conscious of the presence of you, you angels who have been with us at every moment.

Driscoll's Namesake Poem:

O'Driscoll drove with a song
The wild duck and the drake
From the tall and tufted reeds
Of the drear Hart Lake.

He heard while he sang and dreamed
A piper piping away,
And never was piping so sad,
And never was piping so gay.

. . . The great Irish poet William Butler Yeats . . .

"Driscoll was a beautiful dog in every sense of the word; his presence, his energy, his zest for life, his love and tolerance of everyone and everything, his willingness to please, his strength, the way he sang for those he loved, his big heart and his smile."

. . . Memories from "Auntie Michi," Michele Rebelo; Ballangeigh Goldens . . .


  "Memories of Parker"

For the third time in a year and the second time in just two months, I have had to say goodbye to another heart dog. Parker lost a short battle with Hemangiosarcoma.

I don't ever remember a time when I didn't have a dog in my life, but they were always girls. I never had a boy. When I went to Georgia to pick out my new puppy, I saw Parker and fell in love. I brought my first boy home, and I was hooked.

The drive that should have taken about 7 hours, ended up taking more like 10. Parker was extremely vocal from the age of 7 weeks, and loved to "talk" about things. I kept pulling over thinking he had to go potty, when really all he wanted was to be out of the crate and in my lap. Over the years, Parker always had plenty to say about food, meal times, swimming, playing, rolling, running agility, getting attention, training, birds, squirrels and on and on. Sometimes I would crave the quiet, now I wish I could hear him talking to me one more time.

Parker and I did it all together but there were certain things he loved more than others. The breed ring was lots of fun. Treats in the ring and being the center of attention, what could be better? Parker was the first dog I pointed and it's still a memory that I hold dear. Obedience and Rally were also favorite games. His heeling was beautiful and so was he. Judges always commented on how he was enjoying himself. Agility was fun until he got a little older and for some reason decided the teeter was not to be trusted. We continued to play the game, just enjoying our runs and not going for a MACH. Parker's very favorite sport was field. He was the birdiest dog I've ever had and he loved to watch and hunt the birds. Unfortunately, he was the most gunshy dog I've ever seen and he couldn't get past his fear of guns to really play the game as it was intended. After giving up on our dream of a VCX, we played in the field without guns and Parker had a blast.

His favorite energy release was rolling on his back and growling out his pleasure. It was a ritual that he followed after every meal. He would throw himself down with such force and roll and growl for a couple of minutes. He almost always did it right before we went in the ring also. A few times he did it in the ring. Once he started, you pretty much just had to wait him out. Fortunately, the judges he did it to found humor in it, although it reflected in our final score.

He was the best cuddler, and every morning we had our quiet time cuddling in bed. The others seemed to realize this was our special time and didn't try to cut in.

Parker's passion for tennis balls was unequaled. When they weren't being thrown, they could be defuzzed. Once defuzzed, it was a cinch to pop them. Then a new one would magically appear!

Parker, I hope you're having the best time doing all the things you love to do till we're together again.

UCH UCD Rachel's Park Avenue Royalty CDX RAE MX MXJ MXP MJP3 PD1 NAC NJC RSN JSN (AKC Pointed)

6/14/96 - 4/2/08

Kathy Flaherty (Florida)



 "In Loving Memory of Kathy Flaherty's "Patrick"


*Cinnameg's Shamrock My World *


*6/6/98 – 2/4/08*

Monday, I lost a piece of my heart when I helped Patrick to the Bridge. He lost a short battle with cancer. Diagnosed in October with hemangiosarcoma, I had some time to try to say goodbye and to try to make some sense of it all. Unfortunately, I also had to watch helplessly as my strong, athletic boy declined fairly quickly.

Seems like only yesterday that I was asked to foster a puppy for Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida. Patrick won me over immediately and I started the adoption process.

He took me on a wild journey. He was my introduction to field, always doing a great job. He was not my first agility dog, but he was my best. Just 4 double Q's from earning the ADHF, I have no doubt he would have earned that had we been able to go on. I loved walking to the line with Patrick. I walked and Patrick bounced. In heel position, Patrick would jump vertically, sometimes as high as my head, all the way to the line. The game didn't matter to Patrick. As long as we played together, he was happy.

When not in the ring or getting his birds, he walked me everywhere holding his flexi leash in his mouth. It got to a point where the flexi was just given to Patrick to carry and I would put a different leash on him. He was so proud as he walked me places.

Patrick started every one of my days with a smile. Every morning, I would get up and go in the bathroom to get ready. When I came out, Patrick had worked himself under the covers to hide. His head and upper body would be under the covers, but his tail and back legs were still exposed. Nevertheless, I played the game. I came out and said "Where's the Pat Man?" His tail would start to wag furiously and he would jump out from under the covers with a smile on his face, positive that he had fooled me again.

At home, Patrick decided what chores I needed help with and took his job very seriously. Every morning, he would come get me to tell me the tea kettle was whistling. He picked up all the other dog bowls after meals and brought them to me. He made sure to bring the remote control to me no matter where I was in the house. Same for the phone. Not to mention any toy that he thought I might like to have. Always ready to go somewhere; he LOVED to go for rides in the van. It didn't matter where we went, as long as he got to go. And when we arrived wherever it was we were going, he let out several ear piercing barks to announce our arrival.

Patrick made an impression on all who met him and his sheer exuberance for life brought smiles to everyone's face.

Thank you Patrick for rescuing me and for taking care of me all these years.


 In Loving Memory of Leo's "Scully"
Robin's Fire In The Mist, CD, CGC
1999 ~ 2008

Dear Friends:

It is with a sad and heavy heart, that I must let you know, that my girl 'Scully' passed away on May 7th. She was 9 years old.

A lot of you have known that she had a bout with Hemangiosarcoma last December, a type of cancerous tumour that resides in the spleen and microtransfers through the bloodstream to other organs. We were able to remove the spleen and miracles of all miracles, she managed to have almost 6 months of quality life before her passing.

A cardiologist told me the average survival rate of these types of surgery is 19 days without chemotherapy.

A couple of weeks ago she started having trouble breathing, and at times, especially when excited, she would have fainting spells that lasted a few seconds. We ran all kinds of tests and finally, a specialist pinpointed the problem. Scully had a second tumor at the base of her heart, which cut off its blood supply. The options were limited and invasive to Scully. Even if everything went right, she might not have lasted another month, and physically, she would have suffered a lot, so I made the decision to let her go yesterday and she left peacefully in my arms.

She was my first Australian Shepherd. It is her quality that drew me to this breed and continues on with other animals in my house. A dog full of life, Scully was my demo dog at the training school and we went to work every day together, for the last 5 years. It will be hard to look over at her corner and see that she is not there anymore.

She never met a stranger she didn't like. She was known as "the lounge." Scully would kiss someone until they were all wet and gooey, especially kids. Boy did she love them!! She was also known for her ferocious "Aussie grin." She smiled so hard, her whole body would shake, and at times, we had to remind new students at the school that she wasn't growling at the kids, but smiling at them!

I wanted my friends to know I am sad, but not upset. I know as her owner I honestly did everything we could to help her. Scully's life was full of friends, adventure and fun, and isn't that what having a dog is all about?!

A little song from 'Queen' sums up my feelings . . .

" So Dear friends
Your love has gone
Only tears to dwell upon,
I dare not say,
As the wind must blow,
So a love is lost,
A love is won

Go to sleep and dream again,
Soon your hope will rise and then
From all this gloom,
Life can start anew,
There will be no crying soon."

I know one day the pain of losing her will subside, but not too soon I hope.

Sweet dreams my friend; we all love you very very much.

Donations in memory of Scully are welcomed. You can send it to "The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund" www.smilingblueskies.com/pet_trust_fund.html or send it directly to me. I am going to participate in the upcoming Smiling Blue Skies Walk for Canine Cancer . . .
"Paws For A Cause", June 22nd, in Burlington, to help find a cure for canine cancer.

Leo Hui
3239 Sir John Homestead
Mississauga, ON L5L 2N7



 In Loving Memory of Katie's "Dawson"

Ch. Gariwyn Yukon Gold PCD RN TDX UTD VC

23/03/01 - 15/05/08

I said good-bye to my best friend this morning. Dawson was diagnosed with lymphoma just over 3 months ago. He had been doing well for the first 2 months, but the past one was a roller coaster with many ups and downs. The past few days Dawson let me know that he wasn't having fun anymore and it was time to let him go.

I am so grateful for all he taught me. I got Dawson when I was 17 and we grew up together. He was my first show dog, my first tracking dog, my first dog to try field work and agility with. If it weren't for his endless energy and determination I don't know that I would have ever got as involved as I did. I have met so many wonderful people and made lifelong friends because of him.

I can't imagine what life is going to be without him. The house seems so empty... my heart feels like it has broken into a million pieces.

Sleep softly my big red silly boy...


 In Loving Memory of Hakan's "Tarzan"

June 23, 1995 to June 17, 2008

 On Tuesday, June 17th, 2008, at approximately 12:05 a.m., Tarzan was put to rest, to join all the other angels in the world, due to his long and strong fight with Lymphoma.


A heart of gold stopped beating
Working paws at rest,
Allah broke our hearts to prove He only takes the best.
Leaves and flowers may wither,
The golden sun may set
But the hearts that loved you dearly
Are the ones that won't forget.


Silver Box Car "Buck" 1/7/98-6/28/08

I will never forget the day that I met this beautiful red boy in the race kennel. He looked like a deer, statuesque in his majesty, but with fear in his eyes. Over time, he learned to trust me and when he opened up, it was absolute.
  The time came for his retirement from racing and I had to have this boy, our bond was too strong. He was my Buckems Q McChicken or just Q for short. Men were his ultimate fear, especially men with dark hair, dark eyes and glasses. A description that my poor husband just happened to fit. Buck ran from Jeff for the first month and a half that I had him. He grew to love his daddy but he was still momma’s boy.
  Buck had focal seizures all his life; his head would shake back and forth resembling someone with Parkinson’s and the episodes lasted from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. During these times, Buck definitely needed his momma for comfort!!
  Buck was a volunteer blood donor for the past three years and helped numerous other dogs. Hopefully, his legacy lives on in them.
  Buck loved his brothers and sisters and when Gabe joined the family (his kennel mate from the racing kennel), Buck really came out of his shell. Gabe is our ADHD boy—he loves everyone and everything and just wants to go somewhere. Buck drew a lot of confidence from Gabe. Buck even loved to go to meet and greets as long as his momma was there to protect him from all evil.
  Buck’s illness was sudden and unexpected. The only premonitory signs were slightly increased water drinking and one day of decreased appetite. Then catastrophy struck. Even with the best veterinary care, Buck lost his fight. Though I don’t have conclusive proof, I believe hemangiosarcoma of the intestinal tract took my boy from me.
  Fly free sweet boy! Say “Hi!” to Boy Friend and Dodge Ball for me!! I will see you again someday and you will live on forever in my heart.


In Loving Memory of Arizona Shawnee Scout, Cdn/Bda/Am CDX, CGC, TDI
"Shawnee" AKA "Shawnee The Sh*thead" "Old Lady Dog" "Old Fool" "Grandma Dog"

 My heart is broken and a huge part of me died today. At 11:50am Shawnee left me to begin her journey to The Rainbow Bridge. Around 3:00am I woke up to her having a mild seizure. After she came out of it I spent the rest of the night and morning holding her and telling her how much I loved her. Each time she started to pant she would lift her head to look at me, and I would tell her everything would be ok and she would lay her head back down and doze off. I know she trusted me to do the right thing for her. I watched the minutes tick away until I was able to call Dr Jim and ask him to come help Shawnee on her final journey. What can I say about a dog that gave me 14 such wonderful years? How can I possibly do her justice in words? I can't. Shawnee was an incredible dog and she led me to a completely new life. I learned about dog shows because of her and I became completely addicted. She gave me near perfection in the one litter she had in producing Sasha and Shiloh. And I see much of Shawnee in her grandkids and great-grandkids. She will live on in them. Because of her I have made so many friends at dog shows and on the Golden lists, people I never would have met otherwise. I am grateful to her for so many reasons. We did obedience together until the day she told me she had had enough. She normally scored in the mid 190s and that one day she failed every exercise but the long sit and down. She failed them big time! I think she was sending me a very clear message so I listened to her. She began her conformation career at 11 years old at the GRCA National in Gettysburg, placing 3rd in the Veteran class. I marveled at her beauty going around the ring. That win meant as much to me as a BIS would have. I did my best to make her last few weeks good ones. I took her to the lake several times as swimming and retrieving her bumper were her most favorite things to do. It took a lot out of her but she so enjoyed her time there. We went down for a while yesterday, no bumpers this time, just wading around and a little swimming. She came out of the water and looked up at me and in her eyes I knew she was telling me "it was time". So I made the decision to let her go this week, having no idea it would happen today. I took this picture of Shawnee 3 weeks ago and this is the face I will remember for the rest of my life. The beautiful face that was so happy and enjoying life despite all the obstacles that had been placed in her way.

 Shawnee, I loved you so much, I just don't know what I am going to do without you. The words to Faith Hill's "There You'll Be" say it best for me.

When I think back on these times and the dreams we left behind
I'll be glad cause I was blessed to get to have you in my life
When I look back on these days I'll look and see your face

You were right there for me
In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky
In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am there you'll be
And everywhere I am there you'll be

Well you showed me how it feels to feel the sky within my reach
And I'll always will remember all the strength you gave to me
Your love made me make it through ooh I owe so much to you

You were right there for me
In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky
In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am there you'll be

Cause I always saw in you my light my strength
And I want to thank you now for all the ways
You were right there for me
(you were right there for me)
You were right there for me

In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky
In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am there you'll be
And everywhere I am there you'll be
There you'll be

 Shawnee, everywhere I am, there you'll be. My love for you will never end and I will carry a piece of you in my heart forever.

Sue & Sasha, Savanah, Shayla, Skylar, Sydney, Slammer & Stormy Shiloh, Boomer & Shawnee waiting at The Bridge - gone but never forgotten



In Loving Memory of Jason Upton's "Marshall"

From time to time, people tell me, "lighten up, it's just a dog,"
or "that's a lot of money for just a dog." They don't understand the
distance traveled, the time spent, or the costs involved for "just a dog."

Some of my proudest moments have come about with "just a dog." Many
hours have passed an my only company was "just a dog,: but I did not once feel slighted.

Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by "just a dog,"
and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch of "just a dog" gave
me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

If you too, think it's "just a dog," then you won't understand
phrases like "just a friend," "just a sunrise," or "just a promise."

"Just a dog" brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust and pure unbridled joy. "Just a dog" brings out the compassion and patience that makes me a better person.

Because of "just a dog" I will rise early, take long walks and look longingly to the future.

So for me and folks like me, it's not "just a dog" but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.

"Just a dog" brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts
away from myself and the worries of the day.

I hope that someday they can understand that it's not "just a dog"
but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being "just a human."

So the next time you hear the phrase "just a dog," just smile,
because they "just don't understand!"

~ Richard A. Biby ~


In Loving Memory of Lori's "Nikki"

 January 24, 2000 to September 24, 2008

It is with a heavy heart and many tears that we bear the news of our beloved Nikki’s Passing. She will be missed by us and many of our friends and family. She was very strong and worked through many health challenges. Of late these challenges grew more often and more severe. She was not happy any more and we had to make the most difficult decision we have ever made. She is in a happier place now and our thoughts are with her.


In Loving Memory of "Dusty" Can CH Arandee's Gold Dust SDHF WC JH

February 25th, 2000 to October 7th, 2008

Rest in peace sweet Dusty til we meet again. We miss you and love you
sweet boy.

Lew and Judie Barks

"Kita Bean"

In Loving Memory of Sherry's "Kita Bean"


In Loving Memory of "Stinky"

My sweet little Stinky, the grande dame of felines here at my home let me know on Saturday morning that she was ready to join her fur siblings at the Rainbow Bridge.

I picked her up early this morning at the vet's and made the long drive out to Greenbrier to have her cremated. We're home now. I know my Baby Kitty is not in the tiny container that holds her ashes, but maybe having them here will help me begin to heal.

I miss my Great Sock Hunter....my OCD kitty who had to relentlessly clean everyone's face. Who kept the other FeLions in line. Who worshipped the ground her mama Maggie walked on. Who never meowed but instead yipped like a little dog. That's how I knew early Saturday that something was terribly wrong....she looked at me and let out a mournful meow. Then she slowly crawled in the tub and laid on her side. The feisty spark in her eyes was gone....she was sotired. I told her "Okay honey....no more needles. I hear you." Her crossing was peaceful and very quick...I cradled her in my arms with my fingers on her heart. She didn't fight her peaceful release.....she was ready to go Home.
Have no doubt that I know how very blessed I was to have nearly 17 years with my little one. And for her to have survived an additional 4 years after her CRF diagnosis iin 2004 was a miracle in itself. I doknow how blessed I am......as I've said before, though, my head knows it. Someone just needs to explain it to my heart.

I saw something written recently that resonates through my soul. I couldn't have expressed it any better myself:

"I have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain...not because I did not love you, but because I loved you too much to force you to stay."

Godspeed, my sweet little one. Until we meet again.

Pam, Carson, Freeman, Phoebe, Foster Girl Frankie & The FeLions

...with my golden gang of Chipper, Maggie, Trooper,

Denny, Opie & Gracie waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge

'Bliss to you'

(...Trixie Koontz, dog and spirit)


In Loving Memory of "Daisy" Lemieux"

November 29, 1993 to October 25, 2008

"Remembering My Best Friend . . . Golden Memories"

They say memories are golden, well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.
A million times I needed you, a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly; in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to Heaven and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.

. . . Missing her terribly, Chella and "Trooper" . . .


CH Tasmara Golden Highjinxs CD WC AGN AGNJS AGNS

April 16, 1999 - October 20, 2008

Jinx was not the most titled dog, nor the most well behaved... but he was beautiful and my dear friend. He taught me patience and humility. He was taken from me far too soon, we were just beginning to enjoy our "golden" years together.

Jinxy, I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you from the evils of cancer. Rest well my sweet boy, you were loved immensely and will always be remembered. Until we meet again.....

Leanne Tucker & Cedar


In Loving Memory of Dawn Krol's "Bunker"


Chase (Glenlaurel's the Chase Is On CD, CGC)

30 July 1993 - 13 December 2008

You know in your head the day is coming, but somehow your heart is never ready.
It is with deepest sorrow we tell you that our precious boy,
Chase, went to the Bridge Saturday morning.

He has been a glorious part of our lives for over 15 years -- we have been so blessed with his goofy grin, loving soul and joyful abandon. Life will be emptier without him in it. We are so lucky to have Phoebe, Lake, Kenna & Soul to hold onto through the tears and sorrow. How glad we are that Chase got to know Soul -- he has always loved puppies and this little man was no exception. Godspeed, precious boy -- someday we'll be together again, but until then you are always with us in our hearts.

Suzy, Jim & The Gang at Glenlaurel



In Loving Memory of "Higgins," Am Can CH Waynewood's Classic Gold,
Canadian Best in Show, American and Canadian Outstanding Sire

 That'll do Boy, That'll do.

Were the words I used as he closed his eyes for the last time. Higgins had fought the fight, until he could fight no longer. He was my hero, my pillar of strength, my confidant, my best buddy. I am the person I am today, because of him. He taught me patience, because he knew just how to rattle my cage. He taught my forgiveness, because he, himself was so forgiving. He taught me to appreciate beauty, as this boy was not happy until he was on his grooming table with me brushing his beautiful, long fur. When we were finished, he would jump down and parade up and down the kennel ally pointing out that he was the fairest in the land. That boy was so vain.

He taught me gentleness every time he carefully stepped into the whelping box, and every so carefully lowered himself down next the a pile of sleeping babies. He gently scooted up as close as he could to the pile and began to lick each one. It wasn't long before they were all awake and investigating the old gentleman in their midst. He absolutely loved babies and the mom's trusted him totally. A better nanny could not be found. Higgins taught me serenity and the enjoyment of quiet times. We spent hours doing nothing but sitting and enjoying each others company. The clouds rolled by, going who knows where.

Our years together were some of the best times of my life. From the day I picked him up at Waynewood as an 8 week old puppy, right down to him taking his last breath, he never disappointed me and never let me down. He was always ready for a new adventure, be it chasing the squirrels out of the dog yard, giving poor old Santa fits by running away with his beard, to grabbing a politician by the sleeve and bringing her up the steps and right into my kitchen. You could say that he was a democrat, but I would sooner think it was the jelly beans she kept in the jar under her counter at the village hall. He enjoyed visiting Patty because he knew exactly where she stashed her goodies and he knew she was a push over where he was concerned. Nothing's worse than a vain, pushy, jelly bean addicted golden retriever. But, oh how he will be missed. I would trade all the jelly beans in the world to have him back in my arms. It just was not in the cards for him to stay any longer. Friday morning found him full of himself, bouncing all over, waiting for me to serve him his breakfast. He ate and ran out in the field with the rest. In a bit, they were all back inside, flopped on their beds, ready for a nap. A few hours of my running errands, I was back to let them out again. This time, they all went running out, all except Higgins that is. He stayed on his bed and didn't want to move. I knew I had to get him up and into the critical care hospital as fast as possible. In less than ten minutes, I had called the hospital and we were speeding down the interstate headed for Orchard Park. The drive takes close to an hour, so we hurried right along.

Upon arrival, I was able to get him out of the car, and we walked slowly into the clinic where I informed the girl behind the counter, that I had arrived with Higgins. The call was made, and two gals came out to get him. By that time he had gone down and was laying on the floor. We tried to get him up but called the triage team and they quickly loaded him onto a gurney disappeared into the emergency..... I was left standing there completely numb, with a heart that was breaking from the fear of losing him.

I sat for a bit, and tried to make chit chat with a lady that had a very sick cat. My mind could not concentrate and I am sure the poor lady thought I was from Mars, as my words really didn't make much sense. My name was finally called and I was ushered into a room and asked to wait, and the Dr. would be in soon. I waited and waited until I felt like the four walls were closing in on me. Then just as I was about to bust through that closed door, the Dr. came in. He had bad news. Higgins heart was beating erratically, he had fluid around the heart and in his lungs. They were able to tap some of the blood filled liquid from around the heart, and that made breathing easier for him. They also shaved all his tummy fur, ready for an ultrasound.

The tears just flowed, from the fear of the unknown, of what was ahead for him and me, and of him having to be poked with all those needles. Just thought of this beautiful, vain boy with a bare tummy made me cry..

We discussed his situation and I was told that he was a very sick and needed an ultrasound in order to evaluate him more fully. They made the call to Higgins oncologist and was waiting for him to check back. In the meantime, we were told that we should go home as this whole process could take most of the night and they wanted to keep him stable to do the ultrasound. I wanted to stay, but then remembered that I had other dogs at home to care for and I should really go home. It was heart wrenching to leave him there and drive the 50 miles back home. We drove as far as Fredonia, (only ten miles from home) and the call came. Doc said that my poor baby had lymphoma all through his body, and because of the lowered immunity, he had also developed hermangio. Poor Higgins had tumors on the heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys and liver. He was bleeding in the lung and into the sac around his heart. I was losing him, so I spun the van around and flew back down the interstate breaking the speed limit the whole way. He was still alive and his eyes gazed at me as they wheeled him into the room. He seemed very comfortable but had no energy. At the sound of my voice, his head came up and I saw the blanket that covered his body for warmth,rise and fall three times as he wagged a welcome. I cradled his beautiful old head in the palms of my hands, I kissed him, told him of my love and my thanks for coming into my life. I told him to wait for me at the bridge. He rested in my hands and seemed so relaxed and at peace. I told him,"go on now.... run free", but to please come back and check on me, that his work here was done and a new adventure was awaiting him on the other side. With great love and immense sadness, I said, "that'll do boy", "that'll do" and the breath of release was heard. I stood there , holding his head in my hands, and I didn't want to let go. The vet trimmed some of his beautiful fur and tied little ribbons around it. They made a paw print on a card for me to keep. I just continued to feel his warmth on my hands, and thought to myself, it is only a little over two weeks and I will be holding Higgins grandkids in these very same hands. He will miss seeing them, but I do know this for a fact,...... his spirit, gentleness and love will be in each and every one of them, as it will in all of his descendants who are to follow.

PLEASE......Hug and kiss your fur kids and enjoy every day to it's fullest. Their lives are far too short and can be taken away at a moments notice. Lets all do what we can to help the cancer studies that are being done. We need to eradicate this monster so that our precious dogs do not have to suffer, and we as their caregivers can enjoy our lives with them by our side for many years to come. Please give to the Smiling Blue Skies or GRCA canine cancer fund. Our babies are worth it, and so much more.

With a heavy heart and a smile that he is now free,

Barb at Glenwood & her angel Higgins


In Loving Memory of Sharon's "Murphy Brown"

April 9, 1999 to March 27, 2008


In Loving Memory of "Chipchi"

March 13th 2000-December 2nd 2008

Chip, my beautiful golden retriever, my best friend and companion for the past 8 1/2 years was diagnosed with cancer (mast cell tumors) in August. Tuesday, December 2nd, he passed away quietly and peacefully at the Western Veterinary Specialist Hospital in Calgary.

For me, and people who knew him well, it is heartbreaking news...He was a pretty special dog who managed to touch a lot of people. In the few short months he was being treated in Calgary he won over the hearts of his 2 doctors, nurses, and many of the other staff. There were a lot of tears that day. This hospital is fortunate to have on staff 2 veterinary oncologists, a husband and wife team named Neal and Glenna Maldin. They in turn work with 2 nurses Becky and Jenn, who administer chemo to many lucky animals. Since August Chip had 5 chemo's for which we drove to Calgary every 3 weeks ( 7 hrs each way, thank god he LOVES the car) and through that time he was an incredibly happy dog. You would never have known he was sick...he ran and played and ate and swam, often times more energetically than before. One of the first things Neal told me was that the goal of treatment is to ensure that every day an animal has is a happy one.

I have to say here, this was an extraordinary experience for me. It was the hardest thing I have done to let go of such a good and loyal friend, but it really demonstrated how amazing my friends are and how incredible the staff at the hospital are. Everyone has been amazing, really. It was hard to tell people, the less people who knew, the less real it was. The staff, our new friends, at the hospital also went the extra mile...staying late to be with me, or with him, coming in on their time off, sharing stories about their own pets, bringing hot chocolate at 3 in the morning. Searching for answers to help him, bringing him treats, finding blood donors, and at the end, just being there to help me see him through. You know how Chip loved to be the center of attention...he was happiest when he was surrounded by friends petting him, and that is exactly how it was. He had me, my good friend Nicole, his nurse Jenn, Neal, and Megan (another staff member who loved him) all petting him, and of course all crying. It was peaceful and painless and I know it was time because he found a way to tell us that he was tired and ready to go.

I have never known so much compassion. Neal and Glenna have had 12 dogs/cats with cancer, most of whom they adopted knowing they were sick because no one else wanted them. They have saved many more, climbing into flooding ditches, rescuing them from all manner of places, and bringing them home to be loved. Megan lost her own dog 2 weeks ago, and still had love to give Chip. Jenn stayed very late on Saturday night because Chip wasn't well. There are many, many other examples. The silver lining in this dark cloud of mine must be that other animals and their people can have another chance. I was given a gift of a few months with Chip in which I made sure to enjoy every moment I had him. And I am grateful, so grateful.

Chip packed a lot of living into his 8 1/2 years. Starting in Ecuador (where we found each other when he was 7 weeks old, thanks to Carolina) and ending in Rossland BC, he climbed mountains, chased me on my bike, skis, snowshoes, swam for miles in oceans, rivers, lakes, anything wet, brought home enough rocks to build a castle, sat faithfully behind me in the car and motorhome for probably close to 300,000 km (we love road trips) and most importantly loved people unconditionally. He was content to sit on the porch, or have adventures as long as someone who loved him was nearby. His full name was Chipchi, which was a quechua word (the native language in Ecuador) which means "ray of sunshine". And that he was. He was a wise old soul who touched the hearts of so many people. The house seems very lonely now, but I will keep his gentle spirit with me forever. And yes, there will be more dogs, because they are wonderful and have much to teach us.

The picture I attached was taken just a few days before he died, and you can see how happy he looks.

Chipchi, March 13th 2000-December 2nd 2008

"Merci - Peter - Thank you"


A lot of people knew Peter but most did not know a lot about him. Everyone knew one part of him and it was always only that part he chose to reveal. Peter was a very private person and, although most of us met him wayyyyyyy back when he was showing his Abby, it was only when he joined a small group of Golden folk who were concerned about the number of pet Goldens being discarded and the never-ending supply from the mills that we got to see that *Golden* part of Peter shine . . .

He was a guiding light and helped that small group of people become Secours Golden Retriever Rescue Quebec in 1995-1996. Peter took on the role as treasurer and kept the Rescue books from the very beginning. He deposited donations and paid vet bills (more of the latter unfortunately), he sold collars and leashes and had our little keychain/dog tags made, he answered innumerable phone calls, he fostered dogs when he could and he kept Rescue afloat.

Early on in the Quebec Rescue we all got a call about a mill that was shutting down and all the adult dogs were to be turned over to Rescue. In a little convoy of cars and vans the group drove down to the South Shore to pick up the dogs. Two male stud dogs and all of the brood females were housed in a barn adjacent to the farm house. The dogs' owner had just bought the house and property and the old owner "threw in" the dogs as a good side business. Luckily, the new owner had one litter and decided it was too difficult. He signed over all of the dogs (unlike most rescues these were CKC registered!) and accompanied us over the kennel. One by one we moved the dogs from their runs to the crates in the back of our vans. As we loaded the last few dogs our attention focused on one sad little female who would not come out of the barn that had been her home all of her life. We cajoled her, offered her treats, everything and anything but her fear of the "outside" was too great and she cowered and crawled back to the darkness of the barn. Finally we managed to get the terrified dog out of her run and Peter stepped calmly up to her, hoisted her into his arms and strode over to the waiting van. I think there is a picture somewhere with Peter walking across the driveway with poor little Belle; it is a scene recreated over and over again in rescue and it set the tone for our group.

Peter and his "golden girls" also visited hospitals and whenever he found out a fellow dog person had a new puppy he leapt on the chance to treat his "clients" to the joys and energy of such innocence and *cuteness." The joy on the patients' faces when that little ball of fluff trotted into the room was touching. Peter was compassionate, gentle and caring with the patients and even though he would admonish them for slipping Possum another Arrowroot biscuit and contributing to her waistline he knew they had saved those cookies just for this occasion and pretended not to see the next three being slipped under the sheets to his eager Golden girl.

Peter was our SANTA! For years he sat with a numb bottom on an uncomfortable chair (or on the bags of kibble I piled up ;-) smiling at growling or slobbering or exuberant or terrified dogs and cats and children. Back then we would do three or four Santa picture sessions and sometimes it was only Peter and the photographer . . . both of whom could barely move the following day!!!! Peter never complained about the heat, or the seat or the bird poop . . . he simply smiled for the camera.

Peter was an AKC Tracking judge and was willing to help any and all if they even made a peep about considering learning how to track. Getting out early and laying a trail then working Abby, Possum or Libby on it later seemed to energize him although it tended to leave the occasional student floundering over felled trees, tangled in rough brush, or up to their knees in black forest mud. Peter loved field training with his girls but Possum liked "dunking" the bird more than retrieving.

Peter stayed quiet about his illness; few people even knew he was sick. And although some knew he was fighting, very few knew just how hard that battle was. In the Fall he traveled down to judge the tracking test at the annual Golden Retriever Club Of America's Specialty; truly he must have been honoured and excited! Not only did he judge he also tracked with Libby and came within a hair of completing the test.

We will miss Peter, a quiet man with a heart of Gold . . . and he will be "Always Golden."

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