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Sashettes 2014 Calendar

A very special message from Sue Norrie . . .

Having lost both Sasha and Savanah to cancer in the past few months has made this year's calendar
incredibly difficult to work on, but it is now almost ready for the printer.

In the past 7 years we have raised $9,931.36 with these calendars, with 100% of the money being split between
The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund and The Goldstock Fund. I am so proud of this special litter of dogs (and their owners)
for such an amazing accomplishment. And I am so proud of Sasha, what an incredible litter of puppies she gave birth to!

I would like to thank our sponsors once again, because without them this calendar fundraiser would not be possible.
Many thanks to Suzi Beber of Smiling Blue Skies, Ann Thomas of Tigertail Foods, Richard Carlton of Richard Carlton Consulting,
Jane & Rick Fish of Source Menagerie, Cory Hoffart of C.H. Construction, Rich & Deb Haggerty-Chambers, Mark & Shereen Farber,
Katie Dyer, The Golden Retriever Club Of Quebec, Canine Life, Sasha's Special Aunties (Sharon Bennett, Pamela Bloom,
Chris Clark, Petra Eberlein, Sherri Oslick, Mary Potempa, Sherri Rieck & Ruth Ann Tiedjens) and last but not least, Merla Thompson of Xciting Ideas.

We are now taking pre-orders for the 2014 calendar. All money raised from the calendar is going to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.


Cost is $20 plus $5 for mailing costs. PayPal address is

Please send the money as a "gift" so you pay the PayPal charges.

If you wish to pay by cheque send it to:

Sue Norrie,
1315 Main St,
Ayer's Cliff, QC
J0B 1C0

Since this is the 10th anniversary of the calendar and also our final edition, there are several extra pages of photos, including two pages of all the photo contest entrants.

I'm sure there are many of you who have sadly lost a dog to cancer. I hope you will help us raise money to aid in the fight against this horrible disease by ordering a calendar. A collage of the calendar is attached (missing 3 months still).


Thank you so much for your support!

Arizona Shawnee Scout, Can/Bda/Am CDX, CC, TDI. What can I say about a dog who has brought so much into my life? It was 13 years ago right about now when I first met Shawnee, a beautiful 10 week old puppy. My life had been devastated 5 months earlier with the loss of Duffer, my horse, who had been my whole world for 26 years, well over half of my life. When I first saw Shawnee and we made eye contact it was just as if I was looking into Duffer's eyes. I knew at that moment I had to have that puppy. Shawnee gave me my life back when nothing else could. This is Shawnee's first Parade of Titleholders, and hopefully not her last. You see, Shawnee may have that horrible "C" word. I don't know what her future will bring, but I would like to honor Shawnee's past 13 years by showing you what she is responsible for in the 2nd and 3rd generations of Lazyriver.

Multi BISS Can/BIS Bda/Am CH Lazyriver Sweet Sasha, OD, SDHF, CGC, TDI. Sasha was the only girl in Shawnee's one and only litter of 4,
and Shawnee gave me pure perfection in this little girl. Sasha is an amazing dog, whether in the ring with her flawless movement and beauty, in the whelping box with her two litters of beautiful babies, or on the couch as my best buddy. And her intelligence is just incredible. I can't imagine my life without Sasha in it.

Starting off the 3rd generation is the first born from Sasha's first litter, BIS/Multi BPIS Can CH Lazyriver Sunrise Over Savanah, SDHF, CGC, TDI, American Pointed. Savanah is my little clown, and my constant companion. I swear she is attached to me by Velcro as I can't move without her being there with me. Words can't describe how I feel about this girl. I can't believe my baby is going to be 7 years old in 4 days. Where has the time gone? Savanah has followed in her mother's paw steps in the ring, and has done very well for herself.

Also in the 3rd generation, the first born from Sasha's 2nd litter known as "The Sashettes" is BPIS/BPISS Can CH Lazyriver Star In The Skye. Skylar lives to retrieve and is completely ball obsessed. It's really too bad she has never had a chance to try field work as I am sure she would excel at it. Like her older sister, Skylar has also followed in her mother's paw steps and done very well in the ring. She is well on her way towards her SDHF.

Another Sashette is Can CH Lazyriver Starlite O'er Sydney. Sydney inherited her mother's beautiful movement and is a joy to watch. I  call her my "Sweetness in a Golden body". Last August Sydney produced the 4th generation of Lazyriver kids for me. But what was she thinking in giving me only boys? And in a shameless plug, Sydney, Skylar and their 9 littermates are featured in a Sasha & The Sashettes calendar which is now in it's 4th year of production. 100% of the money raised from this calendar is split between The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund and The Goldstock Fund. So if you are in need of a 2008 calendar, please pre-order one, and help support two extremely important causes for our Goldens.


Orders will be taken at this coming weekend's amazing Goldstock, and at the Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty.

American orders can be purchased directly online at The Goldstock Fund:

American Orders click here

Cost for Calendar is $18.00 Canadian (includes shipping and handling)

ALL Canadian orders should be sent to Sue Norrie. Cost includes postage and handling. Please make cheques payable to Sue Norrie, and send them to:

Sue Norrie
10 RT 141 S
Ayer's Cliff
J0B 1C0

or, you can contact Sue Norrie, at
 Please provide your email address, when submitting an order, so that your order can be confirmed.


Limited Edition Art Notecards
Perfect for framing and gift giving, these 5" x 7" cards UV protected, which means they will never fade. And, each art card is sealed in its own re-useable crystal clear bag. The cards are blank inside to allow for your own message and have an accompanying envelope. Simply click on the notecard desired to print out an order form. 


The Royal Family

The Royal Family Card depicts King Blues, at the top, Queen Audi, in the front, and then, Prince BB King, below. These adorable art cards are priced at $3 each. They also both have a matching sticker.

The Court - Mustard

The Court - Green

The Court Card is available in the above two colors and is priced at $3.

Blues' Card
Miracles with Paws


The Blues Card shows Blues waiting at the door. It functions as a wonderful sympathy card given its touching caption — “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” Both cards are priced at $3.


 Limited Edition Postcards
These 4" x 6" cards UV protected, which means they will never fade. And, each postcard is sealed in its own re-useable crystal clear bag. Simply click on the postcard desired to print out an order form. 

Blues Kiss

Miracles with Paws

Indy & His Socks

These three darling postcards can be mixed and matched. The Blues Kiss Card shows Blues kissing Golden Audi, in the snow. The caption expresses the following — “The only place I want to be, is any place you're near to me.” These postcards are each $1, but you can purchase any combination of 3 cards for only $2.00!


 Limited Edition Whimsical Stickers
These mix and match whimsical stickers are UV protected, which means they will never fade. They make delightful additions to envelopes. Simply click on the sticker desired to print out an order form. 

Smiling Blue Skies
“Smiling Blue Skies”
(puppy in the clouds)
The Royal Court (Blues, Audi, BB King)
“The Royal Court”
(Blues, Audi, BB King)
The Queen of Queens (Torchy)
“The Queen of Queens”
Indy and his Socks
“Indy & His Socks”

The Smiling Blues Skies Sticker is 2" in diameter. The Indy & His Socks Sticker is 2" x 3", and the Queen of Queens & Royal Court Stickers are 2" x 2˝". They are 50˘ each or 3 stickers for only $1.00!

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