I give you this one to keep . . .
I am with you still . . .  I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not think of me as gone . . .
I am with you still . . . in each new dawn.

In Loving Memory of Vickie and Don's "Clark" and "Tyme"

Am Can Ch Glenbrook's Krypton Moon, CD, RA "Clark" 01/08/2001 -- 01/09/2012

Can CH Sunshine's Tyme T'Look No Furthr, CD, RA, OD "Tyme" 06/06/1997 -- 01/10/2012

In Loving Memory of Miki Shannon's "Dale"

Mach5 Trolleycar's Pistol Packin' Mama CD, RE, JH, WC, MXF, CCA, VCX

10/5/97 to 1/27/2012

Three years ago, Dale was diagnosed with subcutaneous hemangio. The prognosis was not good but due to her wonderful drs (Lowell Novy, Terrie Johnson and Gael Parks) Dale recovered nicely and lived a healthy, active life until a few days ago. An xray of her lungs revealed a tumor. Yesterday while we were undergoing some additional tests to determine if it was treatable, Dale suddenly grew very weak. An ultrasound revealed that she was bleeding from the heart and there was nothing to be done. Obviously hemangio had reared its ugly head again. I let Dale go peacefully but I cannot possibly say how much I miss her. Not only was she a wonderful, fun dog to share dog sports with (she loved agility and field work and even running in a circle for the pretty dog stuff) she also brought her beautiful smiling face to every minute of the day. Dale loved life. She loved exercising in the front yard so she could guard the house against strangers. She loved the backyard so she could guard against squirrels. She loved swimming in the pool and retrieving tennis balls. She loved lying in the hall while I took a bath. She loved her stuffed animals. She loved traveling and helping pick out Indian rugs in Gallop, NM. She loved Christmas because she knew it meant there would be presents to open and my sister would come and then it was just like there were two of me! And if she were here right now she would be constantly bumping my elbow with her nose until I typed with one hand and petted her with the other. And she would do all this with her ears up and a huge smile on her face. Happy Trails, Dale. You were the best dog in the whole world.

It doesn't seem possible that we lost Lake to cancer on Monday, but our broken hearts tell us it is true. First symptom to the end was only two weeks. We take comfort in knowing he did not suffer and now is with his sister, Kenna, his Uncle Chase and all our other furbabies at the Bridge. Someday we will all be together again...

The Smilebox below is one I made in his memory. It is best when viewed in full screen mode -- click the Play arrow below, then click the full screen icon in the upper right corner when the Smilebox is downloading. To exit the Smilebox, just hit your Escape (Esc) key.

Please hug & kiss your furbabies every chance you get (or your neighbors' furbabies if you have none of your own), then give them an extra cuddle from us.

All our love,
Suzy, Jim & The Gang at Glenlaurel

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In Loving Memory of Diane and Ken's "Maggie"

"She was the best."

In Loving Memory of Turngold's Miss Chatelaine

April 2, 2000
February 17, 2012

loved by Alix Fuller


In Loving Memory of "Tyler Heart of Gold"


OTCH TNT Anya's Echo, UD, WC, JH
"Echo" March 20 1998 - March 26 2012
14 years old (plus)

A strong, confident, sweet, loving girl right to her final day. On Echo's birthday just last week she went for the most wonderful hike with her housemates. She retrieved a bird and kept up, as always with the younger dogs not missing a beat. I was in awe watching her, trying to act like she was just a pup, she was always the playgirl making the most of every moment of her life, something i will always treasure. Today Echo had a normal morning, ate breakfast, went for her morning and afternoon walks, but by the end of the day, we found her in the backyard laying under a tree all by herself. John carried her to the house as she was to exhaused to walk and we knew her time had come. She had been failing on and off for a couple of weeks, but always fought it off and rebounded by the next day.

She loved and lived life right to her final hours. A vaccine injection site cancer surivour of over 5 years thanks to the on going support of Suzi Beber & Smiling Blue Skies, Echo was an amazing dog and we will miss her very much. Thank you to breeder and friend Chris Braswell for bringing Echo into this world 14 years ago. The picture of Echo attached was taken just last month, her eyes still sparkling with life.

Love you Echo,
Janice & John


In Loving Memory of Lynne's beautiful "Dancing Bear."

In Loving Memory of Barb and Tim's "Gander,"
NMH GMH HRCH UH Eddystone Take a Gander WCX CDX

In Loving Memory of "Molly"

In Loving Memory of "Tommy"

In Loving Memory of Jill's "Cedar"

Memorial for "Allycia and Connor"

A Sad Summer

On July 6, 2012, we said goodbye to our beautiful, loyal German Shepherd Dog, Allycia. She would have reached her 15th birthday exactly three weeks later. She was given to us to "help heal the hurt" by our German Shepherd breeder when our three dogs died in our house fire in January/98. Allycia was the gentle matriarch who welcomed each Golden as they joined our household over the years. To say she is missed is an understatement ... we still look for her, but are eternally grateful for the many years that she allowed us to share her life. Sweet dreams my Baby Girl ...

Golden Rescue's Connor, owned and loved beyond words by John and Mavis Lenhardt, left this world a sadder place on August 21, 2012 as yet another Golden victim of Hemangiosarcoma. The Lenhardt's, and Connor, were badly injured in an automobile accident several years ago. Connor's recovery was deemed doubtful, but he surprised everyone by returning to his lovable, laughable self, and inspired the recovery of both Mavis and John. Although left with a physical impairment, it never slowed him down or stopped him from doing anything! Connor was larger than life, and lived it with gusto. May we all do the same.

 Leila and Earl Marshall

In Loving Memory of Leiane's "Forever Boy," "Tucker."

 He lived so gracefully is will forever be Leiane's sentinel.

In Loving Memory of Janice's "Chase"


Never be afraid to chase your dreams.

In Loving Memory of Suzan's "CH Lazyriver Star In The Skye" . . . Skylar

November 21, 2003 - October 22, 2012

Never be afraid to chase your dreams.

The firstborn of Sasha's Sashettes, Skylar, is now the first Sashette to be reunited with Sasha at The Bridge. And sadly, now she is living out her registered name.

As with her half sister Savanah, I knew at birth Skylar would be staying with me. While not quite as vocal as Savanah on her way into this world she was a close second, and made her arrival well known.

I made a good choice. She was stunning as a puppy, and grew into a beautiful adult. She absolutely loved the show ring and earned her Canadian Championship as a puppy in just a handful of shows, winning a Best Puppy In Show and a Best Puppy In Specialty show along the way.

In 2007 she beat her mother to win Best Of Opposite at the GRCC National Specialty. While totally shocked, I was so proud of my girl. The plan was to show her in 2008 in hopes of getting her into the Show Dog Hall of Fame. She had already picked up several points as a puppy. It was not meant to be though, as she was struck with pyometra and had an emergency spay. Taking a chance on her life was not worth the title to me.

In 2011 she was finally able to hit the show ring again as a Veteran. In May at the GRCQ Regional Specialty she won Best In Veteran Sweepstakes and then she won Best Veteran. Then in August at the GRCC and GRCGT Regional Specialties she followed in Sasha's paw prints winning back to back Best of Opposites from the Veteran class.

Skylar was obsessed with balls. Nothing made her any happier than to play ball. Her tongue could be hanging out a mile but she still wanted to keep going. She was no fool though, when the ball was put away she was smart enough to go put her front feet in the water pail. Her other love was the swimming pool. Add the ball and you had a dog in heaven.

Life was not fair to Skylar. First she had the pyometra, and then she was diagnosed with pigmentary uveitis. Then two years ago this past May she got Horner's Syndrome. Her right eye slowly sank in more and more. Then this spring she suddenly started experiencing a lot of neurological symptoms, and the right side of her head lost all the muscle mass, literally overnight her head collapsed. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor which would have caused the Horners two years ago, and was now growing to cause all the symptoms.

She was put on Dexamethasone which reversed all the neurological symptoms for a couple months, but then they slowly started creeping back as time went by. That didn't slow her down at all though. I was determined to let her live life to the fullest for the time she had left and created a bucket list for her. She swam every two or three days. It took a lot out of her so she needed a day or two rest after swim days. She got to go for a car ride almost every day, she was happy just to go down and get the mail with me. I took her up to the GRCC and GRCGT Specialty Shows in Milton, Ontario in August so she could be in the ring one last time. While her movement was a bit off at times due to balance problems she had an absolute blast that weekend. We went down to Stowe, Vermont to meet up with Jeanne, Lino and Halo for a day and she went for a short hike and then a swim in the river there and she was so happy. I think the highlight for her though was the 4 days we spent at Camp Lucy on Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire in September. She got to go swimming in the lake at least once each day, she got to go for short walks, and there were tennis balls for her everywhere! The most important thing to her was to play ball several times each and every day. I could only throw the ball 10 to 20 feet, and only 3 or 4 throws at a time but it didn't matter to her. And the times when she lost her balance and fell made me want to cry, but she picked herself up and kept going.

We went through several different new normals for her over the past almost 6 months. We both adapted to them each time. She never lost that intense look in her eyes through this whole ordeal, not until Sunday. While she was able to walk outside in that morning, by night time she was basically paralyzed on one side of her body. So I knew I had no choice but to let her go to The Bridge. Her quality of life no longer existed. How could this happen so fast? While we had no idea what her future would be when this started, I certainly didn't expect this. I was so sure she would celebrate her 9th birthday just a month from now.

I cooked some liver for her on Sunday afternoon and she had several snacks thru the evening. Monday morning she finished up the liver and I cooked a steak for her which she loved. While she could no longer hold her beloved ball in her mouth, I gave her the small tennis ball that was her "bait" in the show ring, and she was able to hold that. She very peacefully left the world at 11:30 am with that ball in her mouth and her head on my leg.

I woke up at 7:00 this morning as I have been doing the past several months, but there was no Skylar to give pills to, or take out to pee. No reason to get up this morning. And no Skylar following me around the house, or telling me one of the other dogs stole her ball from her, or pushing out the door first because I wasn't going anywhere without her. I love you Skylar, and I miss you so much already. You were a great dog and I was lucky to have you in my life.

In Loving Memory of Katrina's "Jake"


3/2006 - 12/2012

Just a fella...was not out to save the world
...but he certainly didn't leave it the same.

There will be stories told about this one...
........stories about the heart and joy and ebullience!!

In Celebration of the Life of Heather's "Chloe"

September 2000 to October 2012

July 2012

Hunting for Rocks . . . Chloe's favourite game in the water, July 2012

Waiting for Santa Claus . . . December 2011

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