I give you this one to keep . . .
I am with you still . . .  I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not think of me as gone . . .
I am with you still . . . in each new dawn.

Smiling Blue Skies Angels

"Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you
I loved you so
'twas Heaven here with you."

Isla Paschal Richardson


"In Loving Memory of Paul "Doc" Tamblyn"

Horace Kallen wrote,

“There are persons who shape their lives by the fear of death,
and persons who shape their lives by the joy and satisfaction of life.
The former live dying; the latter die living.
I know that fate may stop me tomorrow, but death is an irrelevant contingency.
Whenever it comes, I intend to die living.”


"The Starfish Story"

A young man was walking along the ocean and saw a beach
on which thousands and thousands of starfish had washed ashore.
Further along he saw an old man, walking slowly and stooping often,
picking up one starfish after another and tossing each one gently into the ocean.

"Why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?" the young man asked.

"Because the sun is up and the tide is going out and if I don't throw them farther in they will die."

"But, old man, don't you realize there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it!
You can't possibly save them all; you can't even save one-tenth of them.
In fact, even if you work all day, your efforts won't make any difference at all."

The old man listened calmly and then bent down to pick up another starfish and throw it into the sea.
"It made a difference to that one."

Paul made a huge difference to so many. We were all lucky to have him in our lives.

In Loving Memory of the Ryan Family's Beloved "Kobe"
February 2, 2004 to January 21, 2010



God’s Garden

God looked around His garden,
And found an empty space,
He then looked down upon this
And saw your furry face.
He put His arms around you,
And lifted you to rest,
God’s garden must be beautiful,
He only takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering,
He knew you were in pain,
He knew you might never be well,
Upon this earth again.
He saw the road was getting rough,
And the hills were hard to climb.
So He closed your weary eyes,
And whispered "Peace Be Thine".
It broke my heart to lose you,
But you never went alone,
For part of me went with you,
The day God called you home.

Special Friend

Christina L. Tronnes

I lost a special friend today
the kind you can't replace,
and looking at her empty bed
I still can see her face.

I see the endless energy
the sparkling puppy eyes,
Not the tired, fragile friend
I had to bid good-bye.

I know she's in a special place
our Lord has for such friends,
Where meadows, fields & flowers
help make them strong and whole again.

I remember how she'd run to me
to play her favorite puppy game,
And how her ears would perk right up
When she heard me call her name.

But as those precious years went by
And we both aged and grew,
I'd find her often slowing down
But-we had still so much to do.

Easter stands out in my mind
As she would always find the eggs,
The kids would have their baskets full
And she'd be there to beg.

Then there was the Christmas tree
with lots of candy canes,
As she devoured all she could
Surely, hoping it'd still look the same!

She did her guard dog duty well
Each time the doorbell rang,
Strangers surely couldn't see
My gentle friend--behind those fangs.

I've noticed in the recent times
Her ears were not as sharp,
Where is that running ball of fur
The years have shown their mark.

She started sleeping next to me
Was this her special clue,
Because she felt the end was near
I only wish I knew.

My Candy was a special dog
I know she gave her best,
But as I looked deep into her eyes
I knew it was time, for her to rest.

It will truly be a struggle
I don't know how I'll face each day,
I have to let her go--I know
But in my heart she'll always stay.

This special place our Lord has made
Health and strength, wait for her there,
So with my very special friend
I'm sending all my prayers.

I know she's watching over me
She'll be with me when I cry,
So with one more kiss on her beloved head
I told my Candy Dog good-bye.

By Christina L. Tronnes for my beautiful Cocker Spaniel Candy.

( This poem is an adaptation of Christina L.Tronnes' beautiful piece entitled "Special Friend." )

In Loving Memory "Gemma"


I am trying to write about Gemma,

but the words don’t want to let go.

Like the leaves on the Liquidambar maple tree,
winter has done with them
but they cling to the bare, hard branches
Waiting for spring to force them off
to make way for something new.

When I think of Gemma, rich images
flood my heart with blood, my pulse rises,
I see her everywhere out of the corner of my eye
Not in shadows but in sunlight.

Meanwhile the intermittent rain keeps everything moist.
Moss grows thick in unlikely places, and yet how can it be
that the February blossoms opened without a sound
When I wasn’t looking, all around me?

What can I do with nearly 13 years of memories?
What can I tell about my first dog who changed my life?

From the first day I saw her, all eyes and ears, leading the puppy charge,
then holding her small and still in my arms on the drive home,
To her “that’ll do” move away from my strokes and kisses
onto the cool tile just out of my reach
Where I watched her begin to find herself.

I can recall running madly along the lake shore
As she swam in a single-minded trance
After the mallard and her ducklings
Ignoring my pleas to return to me.

And I remember rescuing ground squirrels from her grasp
who had made the mistake of thinking they were faster,
Such wildness in her eyes.

This poem threatens to collapse
under the weight of all my memories.
I try to shuffle them, deal them out like a deck of cards
Hoping that those most valuable will be face up –
But knowing I had already held the winning hand.

Now I see Gemma running through the bracken fern and purple grasses
in the Faraway meadow, where joy always waited for her,
year after year, in every season
Scenting deer droppings, rabbit tracks, and other mysteries
Or gliding through the liquid silver of the pond
Her eyes like a bright beam fixed on the blue ball.

I think of how the clock I hear clicking away the long hours since her passing
Used to be set by her demands for breakfast and dinner
Her dark chocolate eyes setting me with a stare
That could stop small armies advancing.

And how she would bark at me if I made her pose for photographs
Front paws lifting off the ground
Eyes softening when I shushed her, ears dropping back,
Her face looking freshly dipped in a snow drift,
dark against light.

How many miles did we walk together? At the sea, along forest paths
Endless loops at Faraway where she would disappear into the woods
Only to rejoin us farther up the trail,
We, thankful that she hadn’t lost us–
While she never doubted it.
What had she found under the canopy of fir, madrone, tanoak and redwood

That we could never know?

So many memories, like smoothed stones we find at the water’s edge–
The one I now reach down for
is of her lifting her head one last time
on that last morning
In the dawn glow, looking full into my heart
Telling me she was ready,
That we must do her bidding,
We have no other choice.

And in that suspended moment when she took her last breath,
when her tired golden body began to give up it’s warmth,
When her soul began it’s passage–
I silently cried out for her not to leave me
Even as I knew, from her still open eyes,

that I couldn’t stop her

But that she never would.

So as I sit here trying to write about her,
The words, I know, will never suffice.
They will seem small, and inadequate, and even trite.
All those things that Gemma wasn’t.

She altered the course and quality my Life
in ways I am still discovering.
Her body defined grace and softness,
Her devotion
Taught me what it meant,
steadfast and majestic as a mountain –
Her love has carved me slow and deep like a glacier.

Gemma has led me to believe in angels, and
I will thank her every day of my life.

-Suzanne Bria

Thank you to all my golden friends for your support,
empathy, and love. It helps more than you know.

Golden hugs,
Suzanne, Ted & Finnegan

In Loving Memory "Jenna"



In June of 1996, an adorable little white ball of fluff came into our lives in the form of a white lab/golden retriever. That year the children’s movie Balto was released, and the female hero of the movie was a white dog named Jenna, and hence, Jenna Meron got her name!

The 3 Meron children instantly fell in love with her, as did her “mom” Jennifer (don’t laugh about the name…the dog was not named after Jennifer!!) and her “dad” Garry.

Now, everyone knows that the best relationship a dog can have with her family is for the dog to know her place and be obedient…..well, this sure didn’t happen here! Jenna took about two minutes to make it clear that the Meron household was to rotate around her, and that it did! Luckily, she was a benevolent queen, and we were happy to serve under her.

I’ve heard it said that Golden’s stay puppies until they are at least two, and that was surely the case for Jenna. Her enthusiasm for life, combined with a very defined rebellious streak certainly kept us on our toes. In her young years she was quite the wanderer. It seemed if you left a door open for more than a second she would be out of it and running. Luckily she was widely known and loved by all the neighbourhood and surely and certainly, someone would bring her back to us.

She probably became so well known to everyone because several school busses pick up children by the curbside that is next to our backyard. When Jenna was a puppy, we had a bench by the fence, and every day as regular as clockwork she would jump up on the bench and put her face and front paws on top of it, waiting for the school busses both in the morning and afternoon. Every neighbourhood child who got on a school bus knew Jenna and loved her.

She had quite the appetite and loved food…all food! One well known incident happened when she was about three. I had just baked a double layer chocolate cake, and put it in a Tupperware container. I was silly enough to leave it on the counter and leave the kitchen. By the time I had returned, not only had Jenna eaten the entire cake…she had also eaten half the Tupperware container. This was repeated many a time over the years with various baked goods be it bread, cookies or muffins. She must have had a stomach made of cast iron, because no matter what she ate, how much she ate…she never missed a beat.

She loved her doggie cookies! If you gave Jenna a doggie cookie, she would be your friend for life! Jenna greeted every visitor to our home eagerly at our front door and once they had a chance to come in, she would run to the kitchen, start wagging her tail, barking, and nod her head towards her cookie jar! Everyone knew they should just come on in and give her a treat! She would wait, and gladly give the cookie-giver a handshake or a “high five” in exchange for a treat.
Jenna was such a sweet dog, with a loving nature. She really loved all creatures – human or animals. We used to joke that a thief could come into our home and as long as they gave her a nice pet, they could steal our house from under us! The one exception to her kind gentle nature was raccoons.
Raccoons were frequent invaders of our summer campsites and she would go after them with an absolute vengeance. Several times she actually managed to unzip the tent zipper door in the middle of the night and take off like white lightening after a raccoon that dared trek on our site.

We had many years of fun and made wonderful memories with Jenna….annual camping trips to Arrowhead and Killarney, Christmas trips to Brighton, our annual tree hunt with the Beirnes families, and so very much more.
In June of 2009, we discovered that Jenna had a massive tumour in her stomach and didn’t have long to live, although they could not tell us if it would be 2 weeks, or 1 year. We were happy to have the opportunity to spoil our sweet puppy to the fullest, and she enjoyed her last few months immensely and thankfully without pain.

On her last day, she was particularly rambunctious…more than she had been for weeks, went for a nice walk, and enjoyed a full day laying in the unseasonably warm sunshine. At the end of the day, she had one of her favourite cookies, and asked to go outside, and then…………….

We feel very lucky to have had Jenna as a member of our family. She was a loyal member of our family for almost 14 years. She loved us and we truly loved her.

We miss you Jenna, and we will never forget you.

In Loving Memory "Deuce"

11/6/1998 - 3/22/2010


His name fit him perfectly. He made us smile every single day. Most of you can think of something funny that you saw Deuce do. His trials, tribulations and occasional "AH HA, That's what she wants" moments were in the obedience ring and elsewhere. In retirement he was just as entertaining. He became a highly specialized traveler, camper, beach bum and super mooch.

A lump was found in his lung in June 2009 and with the help of his vet, Dr. Leveign of Timber Ridge Animal Hospital and Smiling Blue Skies we enjoyed the last 8 months together.

We had to say goodbye on Monday, when he let us know it was time.

We will love him and miss him, forever.

Monica and Joe

In Loving Memory "Raider"


In Loving Memory of Jackie and Geoff Matticks' "Truman" & "Sunny"

"Sunny" . . . "Justmoor My Lucky Day"

"Truman" . . . "Justmoor True in Wonderland"

sunny and truman1sunny and truman2



In Loving Memory of Tobi and Jon's Beloved "Skye"



December 13, 1994 - May 17, 2010

Pure Joy lives in the heart of our friend Brodie
Joy in the present moment
Joy in being with kindred spirit friends
Joy in living life to the fullest

Brodie's signature greeting, "wooo-ooo-ooooooooo"
made everyone feel special

Tuxedo came to live with us in 2005. Brodie & Tux were close friends,
even though Tux took a dominant role very soon after moving in.
Brodie cheered Tux on to come down the forest trails on hikes with us.

Brodie's Chariot was designed by the same man that built Rick Hansen's "Man in Motion" wheelchair. She recovered from two surgeries in her Chariot, a full 18 weeks of post-op trail riding for each knee. With her frisbee and wave-herding days behind her, she found great joy in just about everything else. We enjoyed over 10,000 walks together over the years.

There is a very Long Beach somewhere over that Rainbow Bridge

Where Brodie's light shines brightly

We have been blessed to have a such a special friend

Please join me in praying her on her way up that beach

In light, love, gratitude and a joyful woo-ooo-ooooooo

Thank you all for the Love you shared with Brodie


1999 - 2010

The sky is a little brighter tonight....... Elway has gone to be reunited with his Mom Karat and all those who went before him.

I told him to greet everyone, tell them I miss them all, make sure to share... and oh and not to piss of Sassy, because we know how she can be.

I was so fortunate and blessed to have him in my life.... he came into my life for a reason and I have tons of memories, and moments to cherish and laugh about later but for now my heart aches and it is empty.

Rest well my sweet boy, you left this world with a cookie in your mouth for your travels. You will be missed beyond comprehension.

With Love,


In Loving Memory of "Jessie"

Love your dogs every day . . .

Trish Illingworth and Family

In Loving Memory of Tami and Keith's (and Maggie and Surfer's) "Cruiser"

The Story of Cruiser

April 8, 2002 to June 5, 2010.

We’ve always called Cruiser our Perfect Puppy, because he has been from the very beginning, our Perfect Puppy. He was housebroken in 10 days. We were going on a road trip to Minnesota when he was 10 weeks old, and we worried about how we were going to manage a young puppy on such a long drive. We needn’t have worried. Cruiser never had an accident during the entire trip, and only one accident in the house after we got back home. The only thing Cruiser ever chewed that he shouldn’t have was 4 inches of fringe on an Oriental-style carpet. After we gently scolded him, he never did it again, or chewed anything else he shouldn’t have. There is only one thing he ever did that could be described as “naughty.” Sometimes he indulged in eating dog poop. Ewwww! But again, if we caught him in the act, and told him to drop it, he would drop it on command and leave it alone—until the next time! But other than that, Cruiser never ever dreamed of doing anything naughty.

Cruiser has done a lot of traveling. Besides the road trip to Minnesota, we took him to Goldstock in Pennsylvania over Labor Day, 2002 when he was about 4 months old. When Cruiser was about 5 months old, we took Maggie and him on a vacation to Maine. We stayed in a cabin on a lake on Mount Desert Island, near Acadia National Park. We rented a cabin on a lake so that the dogs could go swimming. On the way back home, we stopped in Cape Cod, where I took some of my favorite photos of Cruiser as a puppy. When he was 2 years old, we moved from Virginia to California. He’s officially been to or traveled through about 29 or 30 states.

I started training Cruiser to get his novice obedience title (CD). I wasn’t a very good trainer, and we entered trials before Cruiser was really ready, but he finally did get enough qualifying scores for that CD. One of his last trials, when he was just over a year old (2003), provided a few laughs for the audience, and a few nervous moments for those in the ring with us. We were doing the heeling inside a building, and it was a hot day. Suddenly, Cruiser slowed WAAAAAY down and stared up at the ceiling. Seems he had never seen a ceiling fan before! He really wasn’t sure what that thing was and if it was going to fall down on top of him. And then at the same show, when he was doing the down-stay, he looked over at the dog next to him and his tail started thumping. On no! I thought. Don’t go play with that dog next to you. And then Cruiser shifted over to look at the dog on his other side. Then the tail started thumping again. The other dog’s owner and I just looked at each other, and I just prayed—please don’t break! Please don’t break your stay. Those were the longest 3 minutes of my life! But he passed the trial and FINALLY got his CD. Yeah, Cruiser! He let it be known, however, that he really didn’t like obedience so we never went any further than that in obedience.

So then we started training in agility. Six months after our first class, I entered him in his first trial in Novice Preferred. He actually qualified in one class—Jumps with Weaves. But he is such a social butterfly that he liked to go say “Hi” to the judges and the ring stewards—and to dogs waiting outside the ring. Oh no! I entered him in another trial, but again, he left the ring to say “Hi” to other dogs, and he had forgotten how to do the chute tunnel. So we gave up trials for awhile and just took classes for fun. After we moved to California in 2004, I started entering him in more agility trials, and he progressed to the point where he earned his Open Agility and Open JWW titles. Cruiser rarely made mistakes in the agility ring (and the “mistakes” were usually my fault), but his deliberate perfection there translated to being very, very slow. There were a few times we didn’t qualify on a run because we exceeded the time limit. One reason why I think Cruiser did so well in the ring was because we would watch and study the other dogs in the ring. We would sit ringside, and as we watched the dog in the ring, I would tell Cruiser the commands for what the dog was doing—for example, over, over, over, tunnel, over, teeter, over, over weave. He really would watch the dog running the course. He loved agility.

But Cruiser’s most favorite thing in the whole wide world was swimming. When he was 2 years old, we moved to the desert of Southern California and we knew we had to have a swimming pool for Cruiser. So we bought a house with a large, in-ground swimming pool for the dogs. In the summer, Cruiser got to go swimming almost every day. He loved it. He would leap off the edge of the pool into the water for his pool toy, which was a training dummy (duck). With a running start, he could jump nearly half the length of our 32-foot pool. Cruiser’s second most favorite thing in the world was to hang out in the pool lounge chair with me. We’d lie in that chair and float around the pool for hours. His third favorite thing was to float in the arms of his Dad. Cruiser would rest his legs on Keith’s arms and just float, and Keith would rub his legs, for as long as Cruiser wanted to hang out.

In January 2009, our world with Cruiser collapsed when we found out he had lymphoma. We treated him with chemo. The last three months of the 6 month treatment plan were hard on him, and then he came out of remission 3 weeks after the end of treatment. We restarted chemo, but he became so anemic we thought he was going to die, so we stopped chemo after just 3 treatments. He spent the next 8+ months on steroids, which kept him in remission. However, after that long of a period on steroids, he began to suffer from serious side effects and we had to reduce the dosage. As soon as we did that, the cancer came back. Eight years to the day after we brought Cruiser home as an 8-week old puppy, he left us.


In Loving Memory of Cindy and Shaun's "Mocha Fudge"

March 20, 1996 -- March 1, 2010

Love you to the moon and back, Labbygirl!!!

Forever with us . . .

"Our animals shepherd us through certain eras of our lives.
When we are ready to turn the corner and make it on our own…they let us go."


Trish Illingworth and Family

In Loving Memory of Julie and Moneca's Tree Climber . . . "Cash,"

having a wonderful time at Sakinaw Lake on the Sunshine Coast, in the summer of 2001. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer on December 8th, 2009.

In Loving Memory of the Vopini family's beloved "Tucker"

In Loving Memory of "Myla"

Our best friend and hero, whispered it was time
To travel down a pain free road and leave us all behind.
We hope she’s chasing squirrels and swimming in the lake,
We can’t wait to be with her, forever, once again
For now we feel her presence, in so many different ways,
The private moments that we share, no one can take away
We say she is our angel, who flies with "Golden" wings
We pray each night our little girl will meet us in our dreams
We miss you more than words can say,
We think of you each day,
Be waiting for us Myla girl,
That one, eternal day.

In Loving Memory of Cheryl and Dennis Ritchie's "Ben"
NMH Brimac's Take It To The Limit WCX MH

Ben was a working Golden Retriever of extraordinary talents.
The Golden World has lost a shining beacon and a marvelous ambassador for the breed.

In Loving Memory of "Gabe"

Shelley's very special small black Greyhound, who loved everyone. He was "the happiest dog ever." One of Gabe's favourite things to do was singing, and he loved giving kisses too.

In Loving Memory of "Scout"

I had to say a final goodbye to Scout. She put up a great fight and had nine very good months after her diagnosis of Lymphoma. We did minimal chemo and learned a lot about nutrition and living with cancer from the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund: http: //www.smilingblueskies.com/.

I am attaching a few pictures from Scout's last year. She was able to enjoy our yearly trip to Shaver Lake a couple of weeks ago and got to swim and hike every day. The first picture is taken at the end of a short but steep hike we like to take from the cabin every morning which ends with a nice view of the lake. The other pictures are testimony to the fact she was not only good at obedience, field, agility and tracking but she also was quick to alert us about any rodents on our property, as well as demonstrate her mud bathing skills whenever possible! She had great fun this summer teaching Bungee to swim and retrieve bumpers at Shaver Lake. Bungee has HUGE paws prints to fill!

Scout will remain forever in my heart.

In Loving Memory of Shelley's beloved "Whiteout"

In Loving Memory of Gwen's "Lucy Lu"
09-30-00 to 09-24-10

It with a great sadness and a very heavy heart that I let everyone know that I had to let Lucy go on Friday, September 24th.  Just 6 days shy of her 10th birthday.

Lucy fought a very courageous battle against osteosarcoma for three months and I honestly thought we were winning it, but the disease has a nasty way of rearing it's ugly head when you think you have it licked for a little bit.  Her tumor which  started out the size of an almond grew into the size of a grapefruit at the end.  Her foot was starting to swell from the sheer size of her tumor.  She went off her food the last few days and she grew very tired and withdrawn.  I knew it was time.  I knew that I had to make that decision to let her go.  I had several talks with Lucy over the last few days.  I told her that I would be okay and it was alright if she had to leave me.  I know we both fought the disease as best we could with traditional chinese medicine and accupuncture.  We could not amputate - Lucy was not a good candidate for the same and chemo and radiation were not an option at her age.  I wanted her to have a good quality of life and enjoy her time that she had left with me.

For those of you that knew Lucy, you know what a great and wonderful Rottweiler she was.  She loved everyone and everything.  She was a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  She became my constant companion the day she came into  my life and never left my side until now.  I am filled with such a deep sadness on her passing. 

Lucy and I enjoyed many adventures in our lifetime together.  The best times we shared were on the herding field.  She became the first Rottweiler in North America to earn the award of Stock Dog Started in the Canadian Kennel Club.  She took me to great heights in herding for two newbies to the venue and earned many many High In Trials.  I was hoping for our Herding Advanced title this year but that was not meant to be when she was diagnosed on June 11th with osteosarcoma.  We took to the herding field one last time in June of this year.  Although we did not earn a leg towards our HA title, we enjoyed our last moments as handler and herder together.  When we shut that gate for the last time, it was very bittersweet for me.  I was in tears and I know Lucy had no clue why Mom would be crying because she put the sheep away like she was supposed to.  I hugged her and told her what a great time we have had learning to herd together. I thanked her for all those great times.

God speed my sweet Lucy on your next great adventures.  I hope and pray that you are tending to His flock and making me proud.  I have sent you on a journey to a land free of pain, not because I did not love you, but because I loved you too much to force you to stay.  You were loved beyond measure and I will miss you every single day of my life.

I miss you so very much and I would do anything if I could just have some more time with you.

I have attached some pics of our last day together.  She enjoyed an ice cream cone - something she had not been able to do for a while since she did not want to eat.  She actually sat and licked it all the way down.  She normally would inhale the ice cream in two seconds. This time she seemed to savor every lick.  We had our last walk in the park and let the sun warm our faces.  She had a very good day on her last day and then it was time to say good bye.  The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life was to let her go.  She went peacefully, craddled in my arms with me speaking softly to her and telling her much I love her and I will be okay.  I hope in time I will be.

With a very heavy heart,

Gwen (Mom)

In Loving Memory of "The Outlaw Jesse James"

In Loving Memory of Caroline's "Knight"
Can/International CH Debern's Blue Knight CGN

In Loving Memory of "Breeze," Canadian GMH Coppertop Wind in the Taiga MH, WCX**, Can CD, WCX, QFTR***

September 5, 2000 - September 30, 2010  

Breeze, when I feel the wind and rain upon my cheek, and see the glitter of sun on snow or your colour in the golden fields, I will know that you are near.  When I watch the geese circling above and Orion striding across the sky at night, I will remember our many hunting adventures together.  I was always proud to have you at my side on the line.  Farewell my sweet boy.  Trek and I miss you so much.  Thank you for changing my life."

Judy and "Trek"

In Loving Memory of "Kenna," Glenlaurel's Serendipity

3/12/01 - 09/24/10

"Someday we'll be together again, our darling girl.  
'Til then, romp free at the Bridge and enjoy playing with your Uncle Chase 
and all our precious kids who have gone on before.  We love you, Kenna."

With all our hearts,

Suzy, Jim, Phoebe, Lake & Soul

In Loving Memory of Linda and Ken's Beautiful "Lexi"

BIS, Multi BPIS CH Lazyriver Sunrise Over Savanah, CGC, TDI
Savanah - Tavanny - Vanny - Banana Girl - Sa-Va-Na

I don't even know how to say what I need to say.  My head hurts.  My stomach hurts.  My heart?  It is shattered and ripped right out of my body leaving with Savanah on Wednesday morning.  A dog that loved life.  A dog that loved everyone that crossed her path, humans, dogs, cats.  A dog that loved me more than anything else in this world.  How could this happen to her?

When they removed her spleen and gave her a blood transfusion a week ago Tuesday they told me without chemo she would have 3 weeks to 3 months left with me.  She had a hard time recovering from the surgery and a week later she died in my arms.  I feel so cheated.  We never had the chance to make memories together.

I don't do well with surprises.  Especially something like this.  No warnings.  They are here one day and gone the next.  The same thing happened with Shiloh.  He was at a dog show one weekend, two weeks later he was gone.  At least with Shawnee I had time to prepare myself for her leaving me.  Boomer too.  It seems each time I stop crying, it just hits me again that Savanah is gone and I start all over again.

The biopsy of Savanah's spleen showed it was not hemangio, but rather soft tissue osteosarcoma.  It had already metastasized in her liver and abdominal surface.  Not that it matters what it was.  Cancer has robbed another precious creature of her life much too early.  It isn't fair!

Savanah made her presence known before she was even completely out of Sasha.  As this was the first puppy to be born, she scared Sasha half to death with her screaming.  Talk about attitude!

I knew she would be mine the minute she was born.  And I became hers.  I couldn't move without her following me.  When I was sitting down she would lay as close as she could to me.  She had to be touching me.  She shared my pillow every night.  I would wake up some mornings with most of her body on my pillow surrounding my head.

She had fun in the show ring.  It was a game to her.  I would watch her looking around at people almost as if to say "look at me, aren't I pretty".  She finished her Canadian CH as a puppy with 3 Best Puppy In Shows.  She made her way into the SDHF in no time at all.  She was the winner of the GRCC Top Opposite Sex - Shadywell Trophy in 2006.  She won a Best In Show.  She won JAMs at 2 of the 3 National Specialties she went to.  Funny thing is both times I wasn't even going to enter her, as the judge's were "English type" judges.  She started towards her AKC CH in 2007 picking up 2 points on her first weekend when pyometra ended her show career.  She was missing only 6 points of the 100 needed for her CKC Grand CH at that time.

She loved to play ball as all Goldens do.  She especially loved to swim.  Unlike the rest of my dogs Savanah didn't need to have a ball thrown to retrieve.  She would jump in and do a couple laps.  Come back out, shake, and repeat.  She especially loved it when I was in the pool so she could swim with me.  She loved when people would come to the house, and would have to greet most people with my stinky barn shoe in her mouth.  She also loved shopping in other people's bags.  I had to warn everybody not to leave anything open.  But most of all she loved me and being with me.  And I loved her.  I know you aren't supposed to have favorites, but Savanah made that decision for me.  I had no choice.

I had to go to Montreal on Tuesday.  When I came out of the warehouse I saw what I can only suppose was a rainbow.  I have never seen anything like it before.  It was beautiful.  I took it as a sign from Shawnee that she and the others were waiting for Savanah and would take good care of her for me.  Savanah had a really good day on Tuesday, but later in the evening I could see her getting weak again.  I told her I would call Dr Jim in the morning and we would relieve her of the ups and downs she was going thru.  She didn't wait for Jim, leaving about 10 minutes before he arrived.  She did wait for my mom to come up to say goodbye to her though.

Fly free my sweet girl.  I will love you forever and ever.  Save me a spot on your pillow at the Bridge, ok.

Sue Norrie
Sasha, Shayla, Skylar, Sydney, Slammer, Solo, Stormy, Sandi
Waiting at the Bridge, Scout, Boomer, Shawnee, Shiloh & Savanah - Gone but Never forgotten.

In Loving Memory of Carol's "Mister"

In Loving Memory of Diane and Ken's "Maggie"
. . .

 "She was the best."

In Loving Memory of "Chesney"
. . .
 Chesney, doing what he loved to do with his beloved bumper!  My gentle sweet loving baby boy.  I love you and miss you so much.


In Loving Memory of Judy's "Once In a Lifetime" Sophie
. . .

In Loving Memory of the Finn Family's Beloved "Harley"
. . .

In Loving Memory of Patrick's beloved "Bob"
. . .

In Loving Memory of Shelley's Weime, "Fritz"
. . .

In Loving Memory of Judith's beloved "Braidy" and "Tessa"
. . .

In Loving Memory of Nathalie's "Phillip"
. . .

In Loving Memory of Joanne and Bob's Beloved "Blue"
. . .

In Loving Memory of "Coal"
. . .
Coal  11/16/1998-12/30/2010

Coal had Malignant Oral Melanoma that spread to his lungs, to his brain and then to his skin.   We had a great 14 months post surgery together before I had to help him to the Bridge.   Everyone is just amazed that he made it as long as he did.  Up to two weeks before bridge day he was happy, running around, eating great and his tail was always wagging =) You never would have known he was sick unless you listened to him breathe at night.  He started having seizures and his breathing got worse so we made the hard decision to say goodbye.  We contributed blood and tissue samples to cancer research and hope Coal will help other dogs/people that are fighting the same battle.  Coal was an awesome boy and will be deeply missed, by Lil and her family.

In Loving Memory of JoAnne's "Blue"
. . .

To Celebrate the Life and Honour the Memory of
Sheenagh Gebhard's Beloved "Storm"

Calacarey Golden Retrievers . . . Cornwall, United Kingdom

Storm, my once in a lifetime girl . . . 21st October 2001 to 13th October 2010
47 short days after she was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of malignant melanoma
and a week shy of her ninth birthday. Rest easy my sweet and run free . . .


In celebration of the life and to honour the memory
of Patty and Ron's beloved "Sammy"

If I could grab a star from the sky each time you made me smile,
I'd hold the entire universe in my hand.


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