I give you this one to keep . . .
I am with you still . . .  I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not think of me as gone . . .
I am with you still . . . in each new dawn.

Smiling Blue Skies Angels

"Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you
I loved you so
'twas Heaven here with you."

Isla Paschal Richardson

Patricia Philpott

In loving memory of Patricia Philpott, who showed so many, that from the first ray of  sunlight, to the last moonbeam, each moment we have, should be filled with the pure joy of living. 

suzis mom

Suzi's Mom



On Saturday, January 28th, Hunter crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with his brother Mac. He fought a strong fight with Lymphoma, and although he was expected to live only two months, his strong will allowed us to kept him with us for almost four months. Each day with Hunter was a gift. He had a comical personality, and will forever live in our hearts,

from Bill and Joan Richard.


Halee and Sammy


In loving memory of Halee and Sammy, from Laura and Jeff

On January 30th, 2006, Sammy lost his battle with cancer. He has joined our beautiful Halee, who lost her battle with cancer on November 6th, 2005. We know that they will be running through never- ending fields of tall grass, and swimming in big, blue seas, for all eternity. Please visit Halee and Sammy's very special tribute at:

http://web.mac.com/jeffhubert/iWeb/hailee%20and%20sammy%20tribute/ Welcome.html



In Loving Memory of Dakota, from Sheldon, Mary, Matthew, and Andrew

Dakota passed away early April fools day. He passed away quietly with no apparent pain, just of natural causes, old age. He was just shy of 15 years. We loved that dog. We got him when the kids were 6 and 9 years old. He traveled with us on our holidays and played with the kids on the beaches of Cape Cod, Maine, PEI, and Sand Banks. His favorite game was to fetch sticks out of the waves in the ocean. He had a smile from cheek to cheek each time he fetched. He could do this endlessly. Exhaustion never set in. He slept at the foot of Andrew's bed every night for 10 years; they were inseparable. Every time, after work I came through the door and would hear his clamoring foot steps coming to greet me with a wide smile and a vigorously wagging tail. He would follow me around till I went upstairs to get changed, and then would come and greet me once again when I returned. He would sit beside us at the dinner table always attentively watching with his big black eyes to see if we were kind enough to give him a scrap of human food. Come wind, rain heat or hail we would walk to the park, to the church in the ravine or on Bloor street. We would play fetch the ball, or he would find some dog friends and jump and play with them. He was so much fun to watch. Just like a kid. He would join us on our toboggan and cross country skiing adventures. He would run down the hill beside us barking and jumping all over the place. We had fun and it was exciting. One winter we went to Grenadier pond when it was frozen.

We attached a leash to his collar and he would pull us around the pond with our ice skates. It was a lot of fun. Dakota was very gentle by nature. He would take food gently, right from your lips.

He would gently play with his human cousins and never show a angry tooth to anyone. His disposition was sunny and unassuming. Dakota always made life easy for us. He wasn't very demanding. He definitely wasn't 'yippy'. Even as he aged, he never complained, never moaned or groaned, just enjoyed what he had. And how can you not love a dog whose favorite food was bagels? Even in his last moments he gave us his last day. To talk to him, to pat him, to cuddle him and to try make it as comfortable for him as possible.

The biggest and toughest decision was what to do in the last remaining hours. The toughest decision by far. When we woke up this morning, Dakota in his typical considerate fashion had made the decision for us. He removed the difficulty and the guilt from us by making the decision himself. He was a dog by species, but he was a friend, a family member, a confidant, and the light of our lives.

That's who he really was. We love him and we miss him dearly. Words cannot express how much we miss him.



In loving memory of Amanda's Keneu.



In loving memory of Shana and Dave's "Molly"


They said it wasn’t good
needed emergency surgery
and her life flashed before our eyes
we spent the next days talking about the options
talking about sweet time
We didn’t ask them
if this could be the real end
we knew what we had to do
she ran for the ball
she chased her brother
went for walks
and took long sniffs in the grass
leaps into the pool
floating on the mattress
climbing ladders and doing it all again and again
we loved deeper and spoke sweeter
and forgave the odd howl and jumps
she said I hope one day you
can live like you were dying
all of a sudden playing catch all day
wasn’t such an imposition
She was always there
by the tub when I had a bath
licking cream from my legs after a shower
at work under my desk and at the door
when the mail lady came
at the door when her daddy came home
by the leash for a walk and by the ball for a play
by the pool for a swim
from room to room as I went
and by the bed at the end of the day
I still listen for her in the night as she always
listened for the sound of us
tomorrow is a gift
and you’ve got eternity to think
about what to do with it
what would you do with it

Our Beloved Lucky


September 2nd 1995 - April 5th 2006

"I am Lucky to have you and you are Lucky to have me that is why I am going to name you Lucky".

Those were the first words that I, at 10 years old, told my very first dog and future best friend and brother. For the next 10 and a half years, Lucky provided me with the most unconditional love, attention and loyalty a child could ever ask for. Never asking for much, Lucky only cared about going for walks, eating treats and being surrounded by us, his family. When Lucky was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in 2005, I thought it was the end, but with the incredible doctors and technicians we met at the Ontario Veterinary College, it was in fact just the beginning. Following his hind leg amputation in April 2005, Lucky began a very intense and exclusive protocol of chemotherapy. With Lucky's OVC angels, Melanie and Vicky by his side, he was able to live and enjoy another full year of life which has given me memories that will last a lifetime. Even though Lucky is gone from my touch, I know that I have a guardian angel that will always be smiling down on me until the day we meet again. I will love you always and forever my beloved Lucky.

Love Mommy, Daddy and Nicole



In loving memory of our special boy of Koda

July 2, 1994 to May 4, 2005

The Thornton Family



  Misty was my first show dog , my heart dog, my first experience with how amazing a Golden is and how much capacity they have for love. I lost her to hemangiosarcoma when she was only 8 1/2. I will always miss her and be thankful for the privilege of being loved by her.

Becky Herman


  In Loving Memory of Buddy, always loved and forever missed by Laila, Maris, and Maggie.

"Sleep well my Prince."


  In Loving Memory Cedar

Our beloved Cedar left us peacefully in the afternoon sunshine on April 16, 2006. Cedar was suffering terribly from bone cancer so we made the difficult decision to put him at peace. He brought us much love and joy as he wove his way so intricately into our lives. He was a special soul who developed beautiful friendships with many. Cedar's happiness was contagious, and his heart was boundless in his ability to love. He brought peace and harmony to our turbulent lives. We'll never forget him. Ever.

Love, George, Kelly, Katie, Marian, Les, and Brad

Angus and Mackie


  In loving memory of Jennifer Abramson's and Michael Wiesenfeld's "Angus" and "MacKenzie"

Angus is: Ch Possumplace Warlock CD
March 27, 1994 - Feb 24th, 2004

MacKenzie is: Rossbourne Evening Breeze CD, WC
Dec 24th 2004 - June 19th 2006



  In loving memory of Sue's "Shiloh"

BPISS CH Lazyriver Shiloh, CGC (Mar 25, 1998 - Aug 7, 2006)

At 4:15 this afternoon my sweet boy crossed over to The Rainbow Bridge. I can't believe it. Barely 2 weeks ago he was in the show ring in the Brood Bitch class with Shawnee and Sasha. Then a week ago I was told he only had 1 or 2 days left with me as his organs were so filled with tumors. He proved to the surgeon just how strong he was by staying with me a week, not 1 or 2 days.A week to fill with memories to last a life time. A week to stroke his soft fur and tell him over and over again how much I loved him. A week to say goodbye. He wanted to stay until Sydney's litter was born, and that he did. I know he had much to tell those 3 little boys. But this morning his eyes told me it was time for him to leave. The same eyes that have shown how much he has loved me over these past 8 years. As much as I wanted to keep him here with me Iknew I had to let him go. I have 2 pictures ofhim here. The firstis one of my favorites ofShiloh with his sweet expression, and it shows the impishness in his eyes. The second one from a couple days ago shows me the majestic and noble creature that he has always been.

Shiloh, I will hold you in my heart forever, and I know you will wait until wecan be together again. You will always be 'Da Man.'



  In loving memory of Frances and Krys' Maddie.

"Maddie arrived at our house on August 8th, 1998 and left our world, but not our hearts, on August 8th, 2006".

"If you get there before I do, don't give up on me.
I'll meet you when my chores are through;
I don't know how long I'll be.
But I'm not going to let you down, darling wait and see.
And between now and then, till I see you again,
I'll be loving you. Love, me."

from "Love, Me" by Colin Raye



  In loving memory of Blue, November 27, 1998 to July 13, 2006,

the best friend a person could ever have and the dog everyone loved. At the age of 7, people thought he had the energy and personality of a pup. On July 13th, 2006, he lost his 6 month battle against lymphoma, and I lost my best friend. He will be missed by many,

with love from Mike, Don, Karen, Tyler, and Tim.

Michael F. Sansone and Rocky


In celebration of the life of Michael F. Sansone and his beloved "Rocky,"

with love from Sandi.


In loving memory of Kathy and Dave Campbell's "Tango."



In Loving Memory of Judy Duncan's "Prowler"

Prowler’s Tribute

Prowler came into my life around Hallowe’en, 2001,he was about 9 weeks old. He was long, lean, jet-black and he was my very first cat. I had heard that cats were curious and Prowler’s nature confirmed this. He climbed the brick wall on the fireplace, burnt his whiskers on a candle flame; he leaped into the fridge when I opened the door, he jumped into the dryer, and he played hide n’seek under the sheets. Prowler met my two goldens and immediately decided he would be ‘king’! Full-grown, Prowler weighed 9 lbs. But with one outstretched paw could put a dog in the down position! Prowler was my constant companion, he liked to sleep across my shoulders while I read, he laid on the piano while I practiced, he looked down from the top of the cupboards when I worked in the kitchen. If an object was in his way, he would swat at it until it moved or fell away. In the summer of 2003 his curiosity got the better of him! He wandered over to the neighbours, explored a van in their yard and away he went. I searched everywhere for him, put up posters and placed advertisements in the paper. I followed each lead, but to no avail. After ten weeks I gave up hope, but then a miracle happened. The person who had him, took him to my veterinarian, and we were reunited! Prowler slowly regained his exuberant personality but the stress of this adventure had taken its toll on his health. In April of 2006, Prowler was diagnosed with lymphoma in his alimentary canal. He fought his illness with the dignity and grace that was his hallmark. Having just turned 5 years of age, Prowler crossed the rainbow bridge September1st, 2006, to join his two golden buddies, Carli and Kiva.


Glenloch's Isle of Skye


In loving memory of Sarah and Tom Rutland's "Glenloch's Isle of Skye"



In loving memory of Barb and Tom Machesney's "Caylee."


In loving memory of Marsha's "Micky Monster" who was always "Pleased to Meet You."

Run with Blues . . .


In loving memory of Paul's "Daisy."

Anne's very special girl

In loving memory of Anne's very special girl.

We'll sing in the sunshine
We'll laugh every da-a-y
We'll sing in the sunshine
Then I'll be on my way

I will always love you
But the cost of love is dear
And though Ill always love
Ill only stay one year

And we can sing in the sunshine
We'll laugh every da-a-y
We'll sing in the sunshine
Then I'll be on my way

I'll sing to you each mornin'
I'll kiss you every night
But darlin', don't cling to me
I'll soon be out of sight

But we can sing in the sunshine
We'll laugh every da-a-y
We'll sing in the sunshine
Then I'll be on my way

My daddy he once told me
"Hey, don't hold onto any man"
"Just take what they may give you"
"And give but what you can"

"And you can sing in the sunshine"
"You'll laugh every da-a-y"
"You'll sing in the sunshine"
"Then be on your way"

And when our year has ended
And I have gone away
You'll often speak about me
And this is what you'll say

"We sang in the sunshine
"You know, we laughed every da-a-y"
"We sang in the sunshine"
"Then she went away"


In loving memory of Leslie Stanley's OTCH Morningstar's Highland Games UDX5 WC OBHF . .


January 26, 2000 to September 18, 2006

"Find your Grandma Misty. She will take care of you until we meet again."


In loving memory of Maureen's "Sunfire's Clearly Carbonated" . . . Sprite

November 24, 1992 to October 9, 2006


In Loving Memory "Cedar"

Our beloved Cedar left us peacefully in the afternoon sunshine on April 16, 2006. Cedar was suffering terribly from bone cancer so we made the difficult decision to put him at peace. He brought us much love and joy as he wove his way so intricately into our lives. He was a special soul who developed beautiful friendships with many. Cedar's happiness was contagious, and his heart was boundless in his ability to love. He brought peace and harmony to our turbulent lives. We'll never forget him. Ever. Love, George, Kelly, Katie, Marian, Les, and Brad

November 24, 1992 to October 9, 2006

Illa vom Krbeltal

In loving memory of Anne's "Illa vom Krbeltal"

October 28,1997 to September 28, 2006


In loving memory of "Sweet Opie"


In loving memory of Catharine and Grant's beautiful "Bailey"

Gerret's Jessamine of Avonrose CD WCI JH CGC


In loving memory of Aidan's "Nana"


"In Loving Memory of Jessie"

With a heavy heart, we had to let Jess Jess go on her next journey today, she told me it was time and went peacefully in my arms with a partridge, her favorite teddy and Chase beside her. She was a family member who touched my heart every day of her life, it is so very very hard to come home without her. We travelled many miles and she introduced me to so many (of you) special people, gathering so many wonderful memories and dear friends together. Jess was full of life up to the end with a few hunting trips in October that filled our freezers with pheasant and partridge. She made some of the toughest retrieves and never gave up including one pheasant runner in tough tough cover that we had all given up on. Jess came back with it still alive and kicking over 40 minutes later to my hubbys joy. On another retrieve she flew out of the back seat, through the front open door and tracked down a runner for over 500 yards. We had also made it mandatory to get Jess lots of partridge and she retrieved every one of them. I am very glad she made her first trip to an American Golden National in Kansas this past September, she loves car rides and birds so she enjoyed every day, every person, every dog and every hotel bed. Plus ran around the show ring getting treats, tried to help track a fellow golden friend and got a live shot flier which topped it off with her WCX title. She has my heart forever and I have the memories, but somehow that doesnt seem like such a fair trade after 9 1/2 years with such a loving giving girl. To celebrate Jessies life, attached are some pictures mostly of her hunting two weeks ago, it was just the best hunt ever for her, she was such a happy girl and they help me remember good times so I hope they can make you smile too! I cant thank all of you enough for the kind words, support, thoughts and prayers these last three weeks and especially for being a part of her life. In memory of Jessie Can CH Bojszasgold Jessie CD JH WCI VC Am WCX (April 24, 1997 Nov 8, 2006), we are giving a donation to the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund for Dogs http://www.smilingblueskies.com/ , please join us and give all your furkids a hug, we pray they beat this ugly disease one day for our family, animals and friends. Till we meet again, god speed, sleep well and chase partridge my bright eyed girl, you are in our hearts forever.

Barb, Dwight & Chase


 The first time I saw our little "Maggie", she was 6 weeks old and fit in the palm of my hand. Her Mother "Spot" knew me and felt comfortable that I had come to visit my new little girl. Maggie came to her new home at 8 weeks of age, she captured our hearts from the first day she arrived. A tiny little warm Jack Russell in the house -  I was terrified – what a responsibility. She was welcomed into the family by her human siblings and family.

She attended puppy school with her brother Napoleon and enjoyed the social interaction and the treats. She did not obtain nor require any further “formal education”  She was exactly who we wanted her to be. A loving mischievous little girl.

Her rotund little puppy belly never really went away and when she wanted to look impressive – she did the “Rhino” walk with her head high and her bum in the air. She could be a brat at the off leash park, but it was mostly because she was still on leash. At four years of age she was feeling much more secure and could finally walk off leash and only snarled when dogs would try and sneak up from behind.

Through the years "Maggie" was a “go dog” and traveled everywhere with us, she was our 6th member of the family. She loved to sleep in the tent – what a treat to have the whole family sleep on the floor with her in little bags. She slept with me and was always a welcome heat source on those chilly nights. I think holidays were her favorite time – so much to see and smell and so much attention. She put many miles on her little pads and traveled much of the mountains and the west coast of Canada. She loved to hike the trails, smell the ferns and have an afternoon nap in the warm sand on the beach.

At home she was as close as a tic in our bed, even though as a puppy I said – We should not have her sleep in the bed – ya right! We read her bedtime stories and cuddled with her. If and when the time comes that I have another little puppy – I will have many bedtime stories of Maggie to tell to the new puppy.

She was not your "normal" Jack Russell  in the sense of participating in the Jack Russell events at Fun Day. She certainly joined in the cheering but the racing and go to ground was for the other dogs.

Maggie had an older sister “ Yasgar”  the Golden Retriever and loved her very much – Yasgar traveled over the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago and we still miss her. Maggie had a younger sister too, Bella, and even though she towered over Maggie, being a Bernice Mountain dog  and all Maggie was the older sister. Bella felt comfortable on walks in the forest with Maggie as she would surely let Bella know if there was a reason to be on alert. Sunday dog walks with these three dogs were such a pleasure and when it was just Maggie & Bella, the dogs were so comfortable and mature to be with. I did cherish those walks, but I should have cherished them more.

Maggie was a gentle soul that loved her family. We have an off leash dog walk across from our home where she loved to go everyday for a walk. Our neighbors will always know this place as "Maggie Meadows".

Until a couple days before her quick passing - she was a healthy active little girl. We had noticed a seizure and an unsteady gait so we were off the to the vet on a Friday afternoon, she was checked over and nothing was found  - so a round of blood tests were ordered  and the results would be in on Monday. Saturday was a good day but Maggie had slowed the pace a little for the past few months and I was OK with that – slower walks were fine – just enjoy the walks Maggie.

Sunday morning she was shivering and needed some extra hugs and cuddles in bed.  She awoke and had her breakfast a normal Sunday morning – but that quickly came to a stop when Maggie collapsed on the grass. In my heart I think that she has suffered an aneurism as her eyes could no longer focus on me and there was no response to my voice. As we drove to the Emergency Hospital with Maggie in my arms, I just kept looking in her eyes and talking softly to her. The Doctors were very caring with the tragic news they had to deliver to us. We were given the privacy to hold and nurture Maggie until she was safely over the Rainbow Bridge.  Family members held her and made her feel safe to start her journey, but I kept telling her that I did not want to start my life long journey without her.

My heart still cannot imagine my life without the warmth, joy, smell and feel of our little "Maggie". I never for one minute ever thought about the day of her passing, because we were too busy enjoying our life with Maggie

If you are reading this and are still blessed to have your dog please "Love your dogs every minute you have them - hug them and then hug them again, walk them and see the world through their ever inquisitive eyes and ears, feed them good food, care for them and continue to make special memories".

We have millions of special memories of Maggie and eventually these memories will outshine the darkness we feel at this time.

We all Love you Maggie,

Mom, Dad, Daniel, Steve, Jessica, Auntie Robin, Bella


 "2K, you came into our lives as an innocent pup missing your family; however, you quickly adopted us as we adopted you. We shared our hearts; you stole ours and gave us yours. As you matured we were amazed at your intelligence and easygoing manner, we formed a bond that was as tight and fulfilling as any. I cannot recall a time when you didn’t rush to meet us at the door with a waging tail and a little cajoling for having left you behind for work or school. Without realizing it you became the family counsellor and consultant. You were the quiet sounding board for our ideas, our secrets, and our frustrations. Always eager to play and equally eager to share a quiet thoughtful moment you seemed to adapt perfectly to our hectic lives. Your ubiquitous presence in our lives and your empathy to our feelings was evident every day. Little did we know that deep inside the very heart you gladly gave to us was a deadly defect that would take you from us long before your time and in a moment we least expected. We miss you greatly 2K; particularly in the quiet time when the fireplace is lit and the den is comfortable with the presence of family; except for you. It is hard to fill the hole you left behind. You were my buddy, my shadow, and my confidant. Rest well faithful friend.

I await the day when we will meet and be together at the Rainbow Bridge.."


 In loving memory of Juli's dear Dottie, Briarbrook By Dawns Early Light

This is a gorgeous bitch out of CH Briarbrook Silver Screen, “Oscar” and a great-granddaughter of CH Bayshores Flapjack. She has consistently placed in the top four at the Specialty and All Breed Shows in Wichita, Kansas with very tough competition. She has a very elegant neck atop great shoulders that create that streamline down-and-back. She has had two litters, out of those litters she has a son that is a working dog at a cattle ranch, a daughter with numerous agility titles and another daughter, Thundersnow Mediterranean Ice that was Best Bred By at the April Wichita Specialty. Her most recent litter with CH Briarbrook Field of Dreams saw 3 dogs going to show homes! 


 In loving memory of Lee Hartfield's heart and soul dog, "Elvis", who took her to place she never knew she could go.


 April 11, 2006

 In loving memory of Stephanie and Liz's beloved Belgian Tervuren "Acadia" 


who was lost to them on April 11, 2006 by gastric carcinoma (stomach cancer).  He was only 7 years old and he is still missed every day.


In Loving Memory of Justin's "Zack"


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