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 Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Montreal Walk.

Le Parc de la Nature de Laval
Montrťal, QC
August 10, 2008

Raising $3,745

Top Fundraisers

Rhoda Holder - $864

Kathy Cummings & Judy Wright - $690

Lindsay Harvey - $643

Good afternoon everyone:

For a week I have from time to time tried to compose a clever letter about the Canine Cancer walk this year. Usually the words flow fairly easily when I am writing something. For this they didnít.

All I can say in less than eloquent wording, is that all of you who helped to help me raise the money for this yearís walk have my profound and truly heartfelt thanks. Whether you donated because of our friendship, because of Alvin, or both, or you donated because you have lost a beloved pet to cancer, it doesnít matter. Every cent raised will help to treat animals and hopefully one day a cure. For every species that we can help, that research may eventually help a human.

My most touching contribution this year was from a neighbour whom I barely know. We met because she has a little Shih Tzu puppy and it was shortly after I lost Alvin. This little puppy adores Arthur, so we often stopped and talked. Eventually over the last few months she shared with me that she has grade four cervical cancer and there isnít much hope. However she continues to hold on to the little hope that she has, has undergone chemo andradiation , and tries to walk Chanel when she feels well enough. She is in her early forties with two teen-age daughters. Despite all of the pain that she is suffering through, both physical and emotional she donated $10.00. This was truly inspiring so this walk is dedicated to her and Alvin. Alvin is no longer with us, but Marlene is, so letís hope that one day someone somewhere will benefit from the research done and will be helped by the money that we raised.

As you can see from the website, I finished in first place for Montreal with a whopping $864.00. There were many that donated $2.00 but all of those $2.00 added up. There were others who were extraordinarily generous. To those who donated, thank you, thank you, thank you. For those that didnít, perhaps next year you will or maybe even walk with us. Letís hope that in August 2009 we can get more participants and do better than ever.

Rhoda Holder


Rhoda Holder - Top Fundraiser
Kathy Cummings and Judy Wright
Lindsay Harvey
merchandise table

The Wharf Park
Gravenhurst, Ontario
July 26, 2008

Raising $3,000

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